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GiRl InTeRrUpTeD (loveable_xo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 17:21:00
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    this weekend was AWSOME! i love it! it was so much fun! lol - we left at like 3:30 firday and got there around 8. curfew was 10 so me , miss and joanna and steph jsut walked around our hotel and outside it . then we like sat around adn went to tys room. and we did some other stuff then the next day we went to Kilington. It was fun, i like totally forgot how to turn on a snowboard though. That wasnt to good. I got bruses on my knees because i was falling plus melissa and stephany brought me and mike on this trail which really isn't mad for snowboarders unless you can get speed.. The probelm was we didn't know where we were going at first so we were going slow. but it was fun. then that night we went to a crappy place to eat- reallly bad- so later i went to mcdonalds to get food. THAT WAS THE BEST FUCKING NITE! me gosia joanna and chels got was awsome. jsut having fun you know. i don't really remeber anything else from that nite so yea. next day we went to okemo.. that was better then klington i think. it was really easyer to. me and dan and ty went to the top and found out that the easy one was closed so i had to go on a harder one. tyler went ahead of us because he couldn't wait for me it took me like 30 mintues to get down it. i wanted to go knock on the condos door and have them drive me down but dan said no that is a bad idea so i had to go all the way down. that was a fun day too.. then we left at like 4:30 from vermount and stoped for dinner. then we got home at like 10. it was a awsome weekend and i can't wait to go back u p. only thing is id uno w ho is gonna be up there . my knees are brushed pretty bad and i cant move my kneck. my legs hurt and so does my back.! yay! lol not to much fun but o well

    today i went christmas shopping appertnly but i got everything for myself lol

    la la la... im gonna show you a poem i worte... wut a poetist ( is that how u spell it )

    Once you open up that book, no matter what fairy tale it might be.
    You learn a lot at a little age; sometimes it’s really hard to see.

    You learn about a dashing white knight that sweeps girls off their feet,
    About how every great ending always has a good by kiss, when the two lovers meet.

    You learn about triumph and bravery that comes with every boy.
    How they would risk their life to save a princess from threatening scene

    You learn about witches and warlocks
    And how they never come out on top.

    But if you take a closer look, as you get older.
    Fairy tails can really screw you up and make you that much colder.

    There isn’t always a white knight that will save you from disaster.
    Fact of all there isn’t that many men willing to risk anything at all.

    The great bravery is seen by men in uniform,
    But by simple people in everyday life they resort to a gun or maybe a knife.

    The witches and warlocks that you once thought were true
    Turn out to be murders and people that make life unbearable and blue.

    So after all , fairy tales aren’t always what there cracked up to be,
    When we are little they teach us to dream and imagine what life could really be.

    Once you realize it, they teach us something bigger about life
    Nothing is ever what it seems.

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