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GiRl InTeRrUpTeD (loveable_xo) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 14:48:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:feeling this - blink 182

    soo lets see im in a greattt moood for some reason -------- heeelll yea . yesterday i went to my uncles to help them put up there tree that is like 17 feet talll and like 6 feet or more wide.. they didn;t know how wide it was till it was up and nwo its like stuck in the corner of there house-- its pretty funny. wen u walk up there stairs you have to walk over brances my aunt was going nuts. then my uncle was like OMG THERE IS A SQRURELLL and she flippped out. then i came home and i was kinda not in teh greatest mood in the world -- ( only my kimmi knows why ) - - - blah blah blah.... -- today we had late start - it was a good day i guess, nothing went wrong - i got to start pakcing for my ski trip on firday!! YES! and i sitll have to go christmas shopping for kim and jeff - 2 bestest people! lol ilu 2 - now i gotta babysit at 4... joy joy - best thing in the world rite umm no - its money i guess i sudn't complain but i like to lol its just wut i do - hmmm u kno wut sucks not seeing ur boyfriend for a while , i usually have to control my urge to jump on top of guys lol - hmmmm sooooo yea im gonna og peaceee kids...
    leave you wit a songgg lol

    Saving myself - count the stars

    I've lost my innocence, to all your ignorance,
    is this the price we pay, to live our lives this way,
    and i believe that things could change no matter what you say,
    if hesitation is what kills, now you've lost everything

    You're way too late, because I'm already gone,
    for now im out, I guess im saving myself

    The closer that we get, the more that I regret,
    for losing out on all, that never let me fall,
    and now I face it all again until I can't pretend,
    to fake a smile i do so well, can't you learn anything

    Let your knife say all that your mouth couldn't say,
    from the top of a neck to the bottom of a waist,
    I guess im saving myself, and you'll never break me

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2003-12-08 15:13 (link)
omg babe we havent like talked since like last year ... oh what a great year [( that night with u me n jenn is a night to remember)] "here, put this ice in ur mouth .... ahhh its sooo fucking cold!" lmao "ice ice baby" is our song and nobody elses, volleyball 2002 at sis [(boringgg)] well i hope we get closer and have more nights ta cherish.... by the way ur bangin .... gosh, i want u soo bad. lol jk jk dunt worry jeff. but ilusfm babe! bffe sfe 143 madd mwahz

xoo [fo

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