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GiRl InTeRrUpTeD (loveable_xo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 22:02:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:the keys typeing

    - - - - -
    well today i did nothing , watched some movies and then got ready to go to the boys games. I went to all 3 but jsut the end of the freshman. then we went to the hopcos after for like 45 mintues. jamie told me something interesting. hmmm . anywayz. tomarrow im sopose to go to bens to do our project that is due monday or at least the rough draft. this is a new years and this are going ot be different. well at least for a couple weeks and everything. but i hate how some people say that i cant do that. bascially jeff and tommy. there like bascially saying im a hor. w/e. there wrong im going to prove them wrong. or at least im going to try.
    i was alittle bit bored so i filled this survey out.

    - - - - - - - -
    (1) name- Emily
    (2) piercings- ears
    (3) tattoos- no
    (4) height- 5’1
    (5) shoe size- 7
    (6) hair color- Brown
    (7) length- couple inches past my sholders
    (8) siblings- 1 sister

    (9) movie you rented-I don’t remebr
    (10) movie you bought- bruce almight
    (11) song you listened to – drowning in it - unloco
    (12) song that was stuck in your head- the song I just played
    (13) cd you bought- count the stars
    (14) cd you listened to- linkin park
    (15) person you've called- Not to sure
    (16) person that's called you- Ben
    (17) tv show you've watched- Real WOrld
    (18) person you were thinking of- Jamie

    (19) you have a bf or gf- Yes
    (20) you have a crush on someone-
    (21) you wish you could live somewhere else- Yes
    (22) you think about suicide- I have.
    (23) you believe in online dating- no not really
    (24) others find you attractive- some do , some don’t
    (25) you want more piercings- yea I want my belly button pierced
    (26) you drink-Occasionally
    (27) you do drugs- nope
    (28) you smoke- no
    (29) you like cleaning- it dpends on the mood
    (30) you like roller coasters- Yes
    (31) you write in cursive or print- Print
    (32) you carry a donor card- no

    (33) long distance relationships- no
    (34) using someone - againt
    (35) killing people- Against
    (36) teenage smoking- whater floats your boat
    (37) premarital sex- whatever floats your boat
    (38) driving drunk- Against
    (39) gay/lesbian relationship- .. whatever.. its there life
    (40) soap operas- for.. there good

    (41) food- chicken wings
    (42) song- uh
    (43) thing to do- be with jeff
    (44) thing to talk about- im usually really random.. but something sexual always involves it
    (45)fav sport- softball playing it
    (46) drink- for soda it be.. pepsi
    (47) clothes- Whatever I like :)
    (48) movie- rite now.. finding nemo
    (49) band/singer- uhh
    (50) holiday- Christmas..

    HAVE YOU...
    (51) ever cried over a guy/girl- yep.
    (52) ever lied to someone- yes who hastn’t
    (53) ever been in love- yesh
    (54) ever been arrested- no
    (55) # of times I have been in love? once
    (56) # of times I have had my heart broken? Once
    (57) # of hearts I have broken? I don’t know
    (60) # of people I don't like? A couple
    (61) # of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life, friends? Maybe about 3 or 4
    (62) # of people I consider my enemies? I don’t care .. they can think wut they want
    (63) # of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? iuno
    (64) # of scars on my body? alot
    (65) # of things in my past that I regret? .. wow there is probably a lot.. but one comes to mind now

    (66) disney- tigger
    (67) scent- Victoria secret perfume
    (68) word(s)- uh , I duno , ooo
    (69) nickname- em
    (70) eye color- blue
    (71) flower- tulips or roses
    (72) piercing- Belly.

    (73) pretty- ehh.. sometimes
    (74) funny- well I can make a lot of ppl laugh btu I duno if there laughing cuz im funny or because im dumb
    (75) hot- nope
    (76) friendly- yea
    (77) amusing- no
    (78) ugly- not at all
    (79) loveable- I think I can be
    (80) pessimistic- and that menas?
    (81) optimistic- yeah
    (82) caring- yep.
    (83) sweet- I try
    (84) dorky- sure why not

    (85) Spell your first name back wards- ylime
    (86) The story behind your user name- I duno ..
    (87) It was missing. The question was? Sure
    (88) Where do you live? Shelton - Conneticut
    (89) 4 words that sum you up- crazy , outgoing , loveable, sweet
    (90) Wallet- black
    (91) Hairbrush-lots of colors .
    (92) toothbrush- blue
    (93) Jewelry worn daily- heart neckalce
    (94) Shoes- slippers
    (95) Handbag- black
    (96) Favorite shirt- anything comfy
    (97) CD in stereo right now- to far to look
    (98) What you are wearing now-clothes.
    (99) Hair- down
    (100) Make up- eye liner and cover up
    (101) In my mouth- nothing
    (102) In my head- thoughts
    (103) Wishing- to be somewhere ritre now
    (104) After this- doing nothing
    (105) Talking to- noone
    (106) Eating- Nothing.
    (107) Fetish-
    (108) Person you wish you were with- someone
    (109) Something you're looking forward to in this up coming month-swirl and the ski trip.
    (110) Something that you are deathly afraid of- death
    (111) Do you like candles- yea
    (112) Do you like the taste of blood- no
    (113) Do you believe in love- yes
    (114) Do you believe in soul mates- yes
    (115) Do you believe in love at first sight- yea
    (116) Do you believe in God- yep

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