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LaTasha (lovablydefined) wrote,
@ 2003-03-31 21:19:00
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    Current mood:cold, sleepy, tired
    Current music:Vivian Green -- Fanatic

    My 18th B-day in a nutshell
    I am going to take this entry now to discuss my 18th birthday. I had planned to take my mother out to breakfast yesterday morning, but as expected, she didn't feel like going.. that really sucked.. She fixed me breakfast, it was okay.. nothing i like.. im picky about my breakfast.. I don't like eggs, grits, or white rice... I dont care if white rice has butter in it, it's nasty..

    So, I put on my church clothes and we went to church.. As I was driving out the driveway, I hit my neighbor's mailbox.. Man, I was so scared. I checked it when I went back home to see if it was okay.. My mom made me go and tell my neighbor that I hit their mailbox.

    I was in a daze during sunday school. I was supposed to be the student teacher or whatever. But I don't like to talk out in groups like that. I don't like to have all eyes on me. I like to be the one that observes and soaks in all the information. I know they were probably like dang she's one dumb mofo.. But ask me if I care because I seriously do not.. Ha.

    So we then had our normal service at church. The spirit was high as always.. That's a must. My pastor delivered a good sermon. About how we should be grateful for what we have.. It's the truth.. We always take stuff for granted when we shouldn't.. Have the ability to walk, talk, see, just being able to show that you're attentive is a blessing..

    Then we left Church and went home. I waited on Erica to call me.. We had already planned that she would leave at 2:30 to come and get me.. but what time did she get to my house? Almost 4:00... Just like black folks. So we went to pick up Jessica and then wen to Olive Garden.. Man, they acted a fool.. Im like ya'll try REAL hard to act normal, but these fools can never act normal.. They always gotta be silly.. Im like man ya'll need to stop.

    Jessica's retarded self was asking the waitress why the bus for the special children has tinted windows.. They rubbed their sillyness off on me and Im like why is it the school for the deaf and the blind. Shouldn't it be separate.. Then she's like naw, they're both special so they should all be together.. Im like naw naw. It should be separate... It should, how you gonna teach deaf and blind children in the same classroom. That was kind of a retarded discussion.

    Then this cute dude comes in.. This a while later, and Erica is like ooh, I want to take his picture.. So I'm like, "AW SHAWDY".. That was real ghetto of me.. But I had to act a little silly on my birthday. They're like Tasha, stop.. Then I said you in the red.. He still didn't answer.. So the waitress came back and JEssica asked the girl to take dude's picture.. I'm like man. I fell on the floor.. That was hilarious.. I almost died laughing..

    Then this other lady came back, she's a hostess or whatever.. She saw my plate and was like umm, why ya'll finish eat and she (me) has a clean plate? They were like that's because she put her food in her togo box.. And the lady said I was asking because I was about to say, "You a HUNGRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, ain't cha'?" LoL. That crap was funny as heck.. So we paid for our food, and I gave the waitress 5 dollars for a tip.. I felt so stupid afterwards.. But I guess you should be nice sometimes.. That was VERY considerate of me..

    So, we went to the mall a t like 5:45 and they closed at 6.. So that left me shopless.. :-( I asked this lady what time it was and she said "No English".. I'm like how the heck you gonna say "English" and you can't speak english but you can say "No english" clear as heck.. Then Erica and Jessica said she had a grill.. Like a GOLD grill. Im like oh my gosh.. LoL.. How did she get that but she cant speak english..

    So we went walking through the mall, and they have this "Bring Your Own Music" thing where you get to sing as if you're in a concert.. It's like you can lip sync or actually sing on this stage and you create your own music video. It's so cute.. Im like this is cool, I might do this one day.. lol.. I can't sing, but that would be cute to have for later memories.

    Then we left the mall and we were supposed to be going to the fair, the bowling alley, or chuck e cheese or something fun.. But Jessica decided that she wanted to go see this dude she use to mess with.. Im like umm, it's my birthday and you guys had all this stuff planned out for me, but now you want to go over someone's house that I do NOT know.. That pissed me off right there. Then we were over there for a GOOD while.. They knew I didn't want to be over there but they went anyway.. I don't know what the heck they were trying to do.. When I talked to them about it today they didn't really care.. They always try and make a joke out of something so serious.. I was mad as heck.. They were acting as if everything was alright.. But that crap wasn't cool at all.. pissed me the freak off.

    They acted as if it was all gravy.. But that crap aint alright. You don't do no one lik that. I wouldn't have done them like that so they knew they were wrong for that crap..

    Then I went to go check on my work schedule and discovered that my name wasn't on the schedule.. I called my manager this morning and he informed me that I and three other people have been laid off.. I was an UNhappy something.. But you know what, I'm gonna be alright..

    On a better note, my trifling dad left me some birthday money.. We're still not on good terms.. But I aint gonna pass up no cash..

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