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Loud Chris (loudchris) wrote,
@ 2003-11-05 17:21:00
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    You guys got to come up here. It's like a Rivet Head's play ground.

    OCT 27th -Got to hang out with Chris P. from FLA, the guy that ran sound for the Hanzel Und Gretel Show (wasn't he in Ministry?) The St. Vitus Dance guys, and the UE guys.

    Nothing like hearing this over the club speakers your first night in town : And Chris wins the new Suicide Comando CD, believe it or not this guy was at our show in Boise.

    Eugene, OR is a rad town. There is a great bar there called Diablo's that is HUGE and really really clean. I fell in love with the bartender there and spent 12 very short hours with her tearing the town apart. If you're ever there, I strongly suggest going to that bar and have Heidi make you a Martini. Sucks to meet the love of your life and leave the next day, bu hey, THATS THE WAY OF THE ROAD!

    Seattle was alright. I went to the Vouge, and let me tell 'ya. Industria has got that place beat, hands down. There was an 8 dollar cover. The bar sucks, but the drinks are good. The people are nice, but stupid, and really ugly. Now, I'm a scary looking piece of human flesh, but these people were from another planet or something. The place was packed, but people didn't dance, the just kind of stared at the walls and ran into them.

    Well, I'm off to find a place to stay. I've been sleeping in my truck the past two nights. In this town that's not a good thing. In the Gas Town area, where I'll be staying, There is the most drug use per capita in the world. Most of the places in that area are drug safe houses funded buy the state. It's insane. The streets are packed with them. It feels like you're on a different planet. You don't have to worry about getting shot though, 'cause after all this is Canada. But, like a social worker that I meet said, "You're three times as likely to get a rusty screwdriver shoved in your back." Or, "People here do the same fucked up shit they do everywhere else, they jsut do it with a smile on their face."

    Oh, and I have another reason to ahte the main streem film industry.

    They are shooting Catwoman, and some other big flick in town, and those fucking stars take up ALL THE DAMN PARKING SPACES!!!

    OCT 29th -

    I'm sittin' inside some cushy fluffy cyber cafe. I finally found a place to stay, so hopefully last night was the last time I sleep in my truck for a while. This cafe is great. Lot's of computer junk and lots of places to read your book. The coffee an't too shabby either.

    Tomorrow night is Devil's night at the PO, apperently this is the club's biggest night of the year.

    I meet at least one muscian every day I'm here. I met a funk guy the other day who is rad as hell and wants to hook up some jams. I told him his funk project needed some fatty elecro bass lines. He liked the term so much that he gave me a shout out on his radio show this moring. Damn, this town is cool.

    Sleeping in Suburbia sucks because people freak out when you fall out of your truck at 6 in the morning, hung over ass hell.

    Sleeping in the city sucks becasue you have to fend off a crack head every 5 mins. The biggest threat around here is getting poked buy a neddle, or if you're walking around with a fresh tattoo, making sure not to get the blood in the bathroom stall on it.

    It sounds crazy, but it's like that in some places.

    There are pockets of clean areas in the Gastown area, at night. Where all the social workers hang out to drink, and that's really cool. I've heard some of the most fucked up things about crazy strung out people, and I've gotten some good advise on how to get about town.

    Well, I'll keep you guys posted.

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Music Lover
2003-11-05 23:39 (link)
Hey! This is my first night to use blurty so I am just learning. But I was checking out ppl and I would love to hear some music if there is a way you can send it to me via email addy or a website you could send me. I can send you some of my tracks. Im from dallas tx.
~Amber Lynn

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