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sucker for anything acoustic (loudandoutofkey) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 19:16:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:None of my friends are punks - Allister

    aww man drive thru invasion.. what can i say, it was great.. we got there like 5 minutes before it started and senses fail opened.. holy shit they were insane, i mean literally.. then came the early november, their fathers came out on the stage, and were standing there with their equipment and stuff then they came out, sexy sexy ace.. he is so sexy.. aww man i need to get the rooms to cold.. they are so incredibly awesome.. then came allister, that was fun jumping up and down and actually knowing the words while all the teenyboppers around me stared in disgust.. hah.. they played none of my friends are punks, the greatest song ever.. then homegrown came on.. haha they played i think your hot but i love you not, and i was singing along and people were looking at me.. i guess thats what happens when everyone is there for tsl.. lastly, the starting line came on.. fun stuff.. they played two new songs.. during the one song, they started a mosh pit next to me.. so we all go in and start dancing in the middle of the pit.. kate and danielle did the running man, and i did my old-skool dance, then we got pushed out.. haha, oh well what are you going to do?.. they were really good.. my 3rd time seeing them.. they finished with the best of me, but we wanted more so we started chanting 'play more songs' and they came out and did that part of the justin timberlake song... then they played this ride as the finale.. we let everyone clear out and just walked around and i found 5 bucks so we go to buy drinks and guess who i see, thats right, dave milla the killa.. so me and kate run up to him and like tap him on the shoulder and were like dave dave, but then i was like oh shit i should get danielle, cause dave is her love.. i hugged him twice!! you only got one danielle! so she gets her shirt signed, i get my ticket signed and we let dave use are marker and it runs out.. so i yelled at him jokingly, and he apologized, man i love messing with peoples heads.. then i see ace and i was on that shit so fast, haha.. i go over and get my ticket signed and i took pictures for some girls, cause hey, im a good person.. then i talk to him and ask him how he is feeling cause he had a concussion the other night, and he said he didnt feel too good, that he almost felt sick and i was like "aww" and he told me i was the sweetest fan for asking him that.. then i told him that he was a sexy beast and he said thats the first time anyones ever said that.. then i hugged him and had to leave, cause i had to say hi to my fifth cousin twice removed, scottie murphy.. i told him he was my fifth cousin twice removed and my stepsister was like, yeah my last name is murphy too and hes like oh, then were probably related somewhere down the line.. then we went outside and they wouldnt let us back in but we followed these kids back in anyway.. and then i was standing there when this guy with a camera comes over and was like give it up for the starting line.. then he comes over to me and asks about the shoiw and he was like whose your favorite member of tsl and i was like kenny, along with the 200 million other girls, he was like, haha i like that, then my sister was like, hey, wheres dan trapp and hes like oh, i see him all the time and then he said he was hiding in the back somewhere.. then we had to leave so i hugged ace and he was like, thanks again, which was cool cause he remembered me .. then i yelled bye cuz to scottie and left..

    so here i am, i have a shitload of homework to do.. i dont want to do it.. ahh i hate school.. besides the fact that there are hot guys there :cough:thejoe,mikedaka,andthatkideric:cough:.. haha.. i am a loser, buh bye..

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2003-10-20 10:24 (link)

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2003-10-20 14:53 (link)
hmm.. i wonder who that was.. JOE

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2003-10-24 23:03 (link)
haha nope. this is a differnt computer though

is this sam swartz from bhs?

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2003-10-27 18:45 (link)
uhh.. no.. but i do go to bhs

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