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JuLeS (lostxinxurxeyez) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 20:08:00
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    Current mood:deteriorating
    Current music:toxic--britney spears

    *WhAt Is HaPpEnInG To Me*
    what is happening to starting to scare myself how im getting all caught up about how i dont have a best friend at the moment..and i dont knwo why i mean who cares i've got so many good friends that why should i even need a best freind..but for some reason i can't get over is getting worse and worse as the days go on i have so much work and theres way to much pressure..i feel like im dying slowly..deteriorating in to nothing..

    im starting to wonder if anyones even reading this..thats kinda a wierd though..what if im writing all this for nothing..we even if nobody does look at this it help to write my feelings down i feel like im talking to someone..ahh getting all spiritual..anyways

    i <3 whoevers reading this because they accually take the time to care somewhat about my life..well enough to read about it..thank you

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Ahh jewel!!!
2004-01-08 21:10 (link)
i'm so happy you've sorta decided that you don't need one best friend..yes school is getting harder gradually and i'm liking your spiritualness!!! i told you..karma..its good for thy soul..anyway..that thing about the guy puking..good god i would've gagged!!!!!ahhhhhhh i'm scarred for life and i wasn't even there.. ahhhh..bad images..i yee yee..well you kick major ass just like my whole day today!!! and by the way..i do care to read about your life..hahaha..a fun way to entertain myself..and others...well i'll talk to!
Caught in the Disney movies...the one and only....mile

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