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Katie (lostinthisdream) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 17:49:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current music:all we ever needed-the early november aka leafies lol maeva

    ahoy me mateys. sorry i havent been updating yet again. so heres whats been going on.
    ok call me crazy...but school is awesome. im making so many new friends, and theres more to come. my teachers are awesome...except for my computer teacher *die die die* things really dont start around bishop ahr until monday...yea yea get mad bc i started late i dont care.
    i got my toe fixed more pain...except it is kinda tender lol.
    I GOT NEW SHOES!!!!! theyre not the ones i really want but theyre cool. too bad my mom said i could bury my old nikes grrr. i got blue vans and my roos are coming on the 23rd.
    i like this kid already...but im not saying who he is lol. il tell you when i know him more.
    2 MORE DAYS TIL DIGIMON (lol maeva) o yea and we do have to watch the new season!
    i need a new cd case...yea i filled it up already. im putting a lot of money in the bank though so im not gonna be buying that much anymore.
    o yea and i need to update my interests

    i <3 ***


    later gators
    much <3 katie

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2003-09-11 20:59 (link)
It sounds like this school is going much better
for you... CONGRATS! See? Now you won't be
able to say you have no one associates with
you! You probably have so many new friends,
you won't know who to call first to invite over!
This year is going to be great for you! I hope
everything goes as well for the rest of the year.

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2003-09-12 17:12 (link)
thanks sammi :)

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