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substance in smoke (lost_blue_eyes) wrote,
@ 2010-01-23 15:53:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Paperthin Hymn-Anberlin

    okay *cracks knuckles* let's see what i can do about this year in review thing. oy.

    1. Oroonoko: or The Royal Slave By Aphra Behn; Pages: 78 Total: 78
    2. The History of Mary Prince: Related by Herself Ed. Moira Ferguson; Pages: 88 Total: 166
    3. A Mercy By Toni Morrison; Pages: 167 Total: 333
    4. Brother, I’m Dying By Edwidge Danticat; Pages 272 Total: 605
    5. Left to Tell By Immaculée Ilibagiza; Pages: 212 Total: 817
    6. The House of the Spirits By Isabel Allende; Pages: 433 Total: 1250
    7. Breaking Dawn By Stephenie Meyer; Pages: 756 Total: 2006
    8. Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi; Pages: 153 Total: 2159 (GN)
    9. Persepolis 2 By Marjane Satrapi; Pages:187 Total: 2246 (GN)
    10. The God of Small Things By Arundhati Roy; Pages: 321 Total: 2567
    11. Commodore Perry in the Land of the Shogun; By Rhoda Blumberg; Pages: 119 Total: 2686
    12. The Beautiful and Damned By F. Scott Fitzgerald; Pages: 376 Total: 3062
    13. The Elements of Style By William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White; Pages: 105 Total: 3167
    14. My Year of Meats By Ruth Ozeki; Pages: 366 Total: 3533
    15. Ceremony By Leslie Marmon Silko; Pages: 256 Total: 3789
    16. Fun Home By Alison Bechdel; Pages: 232 Total: 4021 (GN)
    17. The Rising By Brian Keene; Pages: 321 Total: 4342
    18. The Fountainhead By Ayn Rand; Pages: 694 Total: 5036
    19. Christine By Stephen King; Pages: 503 Total: 5539
    20. Goth By Otsuichi; Pages: 229 Total: 5768
    21. The Triggering Town By Richard Hugo; Pages: 111 Total: 5879
    22. China’s Examination Hell By Ichisada Miyazaki, Trans Conrad Schirokauer; Pages: 129 Total: 6008
    23. Life Along the Silk Road By Susan Whitefield; Pages: 225 Total: 6233
    24. The Waiting Years By Fumiko Enchi; Pages: 203 Total: 6436
    25. The Men With the Pink Triangle By Heinz Heger, Trans. David Fernbach; Pages: 115 Total: 6551
    26. A Child of Hitler By Aflons Heck; Pages: 207 Total: 6758
    27. Under the Black Umbrella: Voices from Colonial Korea 1910-1945 By Hildi Kang; Pages: 147 Total: 6905
    28. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland By Christopher R. Browning; Pages: 189 Total: 7094
    29. The ‘Hitler Myth’: Image and Reality in the Third Reich By Ian Kershaw; Pages: 269 Total: 7363
    30. The Nazi Seizure of Power By William Sheridan Allen; Pages: 303 Total: 7666

    where do i even begin with 2009? chronological, by person/relationship, by importance. i have no idea. since i don't have a series of notes next to me, i suppose i'll do a rough approximation of chronological order, skipping around as my memory will.

    January. julie and brady officially tie the knot. :D it's insane, but of course more congratulations to them. shortly after, they moved out of her parents house and into a house not far from me (\o/) but then almost immediately brady left for the air force. he seems to thoroughly enjoy this, which is awesome. i guess with his personality he was either going to loathe every minute of it or love it. luckily it was the latter. good on him. and if he does pursue the idea of becoming a drill sargent...he's going to be terrifying...and an insufferable ass. but that part is pretty standard. :P

    that same month i celebrated what proved to be a very nice anniversary with aaron, our 5 year at that. it was...good, and i'm glad i can remember it fondly. but more on that later i guess.
    also, i donated blood for the first time (WOO LIGHTHEADED) and got a lip ring.

    February was a bit of a trial. dylan broke up with em. it was...really hard on her, i know. and i don't like seeing my girl suffering. :( ultimately i maintain it was for the best, but that doesn't mean it was easy by any means. BUT not my story. just documenting...

    aaron and i had an epic fight this month, over the stupidest shit ever. it was one of those fights that should have been meaningless but had deeper ramifications. that sounds melodramatic, but it's fairly accurate.

    my car started what would mark the beginning of the end. it broke down in the middle of i think 10th street near p on aaron's birthday. just died. i had to have it towed. it was an interesting night, to say the least.
    this was essentially the beginning of the end, as the next month, my parents came up to check it. it miraculously started right up for my dad, which of course meant he thought i was faking it or had no idea what i was talking about. -.- but yet again, on my way home for spring break the fucker dies on 56th street in traffic. all things considered i think i handled it pretty well. resulted in my finishing out the semester mostly bumming rides from aaron and my parents when i needed to go home.

    april i turned 20 which is remarkably inconsequential. more important grandma had another stroke. she officially moved into a home where she now has to live. similarly, my uncle gary had to be moved into a group home. it was...tragic. my family has found a way to make it work, though. stubborn lot anyway.

    much of may is wiped from my memory in a flurry of dead week and finals. somehow i got all my stuff in before the end of the semester. it wasn't necessarily my best work by any means, hell, it never is, but i did finish.

    i guess spring semester 09 could be summed up school-wise as probably finishing off the last of gen eds that i'd hate (namely math) and figuring out more of what i wanted to do. history is going to be hard, but it's practical and i love it. english still came basically as second nature...but i grew a lot as a writer thanks to my comp class and i'm exploring that a bit more. it feels good. i got into some novels i wouldn't have on my own and really broadened my horizons i think.

    thus summer kicked off, quickly followed by EPIC SUNBURN. i think it took me less than a week to get a nasty one. following this was the concert, of course, which was all shades of amazing. easily the highlight of my month. it was disgusting but so fun. may held another very interesting experience for me: i babysat cael for a full day. good experience, no doubt, but very strange and out of my comfort zone. heh. if it hadn't been for em i would have been so lost.

    in june brandin came home for a short time as well. spent a lot of time with him, which was good. fired my first real gun, much to the amusement of his sister and her boyfriend, oh dear god. i am so full of fail. if i recall i definitely squeaked when i tried the rifle. oy. same month found him in italy, which was just crazy. there was also a brief week where i was planning on using his car while he was gone. it would have been nice since it's basically brand freaking new, but i guess it's better this way. i would have felt crappy if i wrecked it or something.

    july was a rainy drizzly affair to begin with, if i remember right. i think the 4th of july required a hoodie if you can believe it. spent that specific day with it was good to get together with people the day before the fourth though. i think it was the day before. somewhere around there. :D if i recall there were shenanigans and we again managed to very nearly blow ourselves up. \o/

    spent a lot more time with chris and brian over the course of the summer. it was nice, reconnecting with my nerdier side (if i could get much nerdier, ha). i guess they're just a couple of people that i overlook too easily. they are both fun to hang out with, but i'll admit i lose patience with them faster than most. they can be...trying. it's odd.
    spent the entire summer biking, seeing as my car was still dead. it was nice, and probably very good for me. people told me i looked thinner, though i couldn't really tell that. i could tell that my legs and tummy were firmer, so heck yes.

    summer passed without a job again, though. making the bike even better. by the end of summer my dad finally decided to have my car repaired, so i'm driving the beast again. so far no additional problems. aside from the standard crappy breaks, crappy traction, crappy handling, crappy shocks, cracked windshield, and no defrosters on the back window. quite frankly i call it as impressive that i've been driving that sucker since senior year of high school.

    over the course of the summer em and drew started dating. much to the absolute zero shock of many. :P aaron was abnormally amused by all this. BUT YES.

    the end of summer found em, chris and dylan moving in together in lincoln. that has been an interesting adventure to say the least, but again, not so much my story, heh. with them gone, and julie soon after moving with cael to be with brady, and aaron moving to campus a week before me, august was a lonely time at home. :P but of course by the end of the month i was back to lincoln too. and it was of course a very good thing for julie and cael to be with brady. :D
    and so the fall semester began.

    ...okay, i'm tired. that seemed like an appropriate place to end. more to come, but holy shit. this is very self-serving, isn't it? the writing is particularly boring. i'm disappointed in myself. but omg i need to stop. feels like there's a lot to cover.

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2010-01-24 14:11 (link)
YAY! I'm glad you updated. I like reading..

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2010-01-27 19:19 (link)
aw now i feel bad because you're like no where in here. heh.

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2010-01-26 12:05 (link)
yay for monster update! i would be ssoooo bad if i attempted one of these, cookies for you :) there's so much that happened and you're only to july- looking forward to the next update :D

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2010-01-27 19:25 (link)
yay! cookies! there is A LOT that goes down in a year. there's a lot of stuff i'm leaving out...i'm thinking summery at the end?

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2010-01-26 20:45 (link)
it's not your story but you're still allowed to write what you want about me and my love life. :P you're basically me in another body anyway.

also i would have to take notes to remember stuff from a year back like you do, yee haw. :)

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2010-01-27 19:14 (link)
well i appreciate that, although you probably shouldn't give me license like that *evil grin* lol.

i cheat, i go back over old blurty entries. :P although this year has been pretty sparse which means i'm a little screwed.

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