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substance in smoke (lost_blue_eyes) wrote,
@ 2009-10-28 18:29:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:(*Fin)-Anberlin

    it's a little odd that i update on wednesdays. it's such a long day. but whatever.

    workshopped one of my poems today. awesome, considering i finished it at 3:00 AM. HA. oh well, i liked the way this turned out. they made a suggestion i'm debating over. see, i intentionally didn't introduce a persona until the very end of the poem. it's basically casting a mosh pit as a religious experience, and i figured you kind of do lose yourself in that kind of thing until the 'come down' period. but they (okay, my prof and this one guy, aaron, who talks about every poem because he's awesome) suggested i put the "I" in at the beginning to make the experience more personal, so other's can indulge in it. i don't know which way to go with it. argh.

    coming up on the worst two weeks of my life (excepting any and all deadweek/finals week). this weekend i need to read through at least 5 of my research books, because Love wants them back by the 3rd now. i guess it's motivation at least.
    wednesday i have another poem due. this time we actually have to stick to an established form for a change. of course, he blabbed on about how hard a sestina is to do (OH MY GOD THE INSTRUCTIONS MAKE MY BRAIN HURT) so you can bet your sweet ass i want to try it. if it comes to be 3:00 AM that day though, i'll just crank out a set of haikus and call it good. XD
    friday the 6th i have my next paper for brit lit due, this one requiring us to write a fucking sonnet and then analyze it in reference to shakespeare's sonnets. WARGH.
    budget hearing at 3:10 on sunday. damn it. so not looking forward to that.
    sometime next week i want to meet with Jake to inquire about study abraod. KGU doesn't send out it's applications until like april anyway, but yeah. i want to plan my classes.
    speaking of, i need to plan my classes and meet with my advisers. fack.
    thursday the 12th 'rough' complete draft of nazi germany research paper due.
    friday the 13th OH THERE IS A SHOCK book report for asian history again.

    oh, a side note, brandin is going to be home from like the 7th to the 14th. he's going to HATE me.

    god, it's already 6:45. it really eats your day when you don't get out of class until 5:30. wtf.

    now, tonight. i have some reading and writing for nazi germany. need to finish my keypal messege for japanese. study to make up a japanese quiz. i'd LIKE to get a jump on some other reading, then.

    toss me a subject for an epic huge poem. sestina's are 6 sestets (six lines each) and a tercet (3 lines). epic huge. :D i probably won't end up using it. inspiration strikes randomly and all that.

    anyway, time to go for foods and to return my library books to the library on this campus.

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2009-10-28 21:06 (link)
holy crap.

randa, if you are going to study abroad you CANNOT overbook yourself like this!! otherwise you're just doing the same thing in a different place and won't see much of it. You have to enjoy it!!

i wish you good luck for these next two weeks! can't wait to give you a big hug when I get back to btown :D

miss you!

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2009-10-29 15:16 (link)
lol, oh it's not so bad. and if i go abroad all will be well. i won't have clubs to deal with, and grades don't really matter since they don't transfer.

miss you too! *hug*

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