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substance in smoke (lost_blue_eyes) wrote,
@ 2009-09-29 17:32:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    urgh. need to write paper. which doesn't make sense to me. it's following the theme of justice in economy...and we've been reading religious documents from around the middle ages. don't gimme that look, i know how they CAN connect. :P problem is that didn't really show up in the readings. TIME FOR SOME GRADE A BULLSHIT. *cracks knuckles*

    at least it's only 2-3 pages. HA. i scoff at you, short paper.

    so i was kinda excited that i wasn't gonna have a draft REQUIRED for my history paper. turns out he just forgot to put the date on the paper guidelines. d'oh.'s good for me. it means i won't be starting it at midnight december whatever-the-night-before-that-class's-final-is. like i'll end up doing for my ENGLISH research paper.

    y'know, SOMEONE, namely my advisor, told me that the only real distinction between 100 and 200 level classes here is that 200 level requires research paper. I BEG TO DIFFER. (seriously though, 100 and 200 don't mean shit here. i've taken 100 level that were just as hard as 200 level. it's kind of just whatever the prof wants it to be.)

    on the plus side the questions for nazi germany that he was gonna have us do for thursday are scrapped. because he realized he'd assigned 3 writing assignments in a row, and 2 next week. *facepalm* i'm beginning to think he works the same way i do, he's just a lot better at winging it. far we've done...4 writing assignments, plus the 2 next week is 6 by october 8th. he only assigns 10 a semester. NOT THAT I'M NOT HAPPY WE'RE GETTING THEM OUT OF THE WAY EARLY. but still. oy. i just wanna READ this shit. it's interesting.

    btw my nine source bibliography earned me a 90%. HA.

    i totally should not be going home this weekend, but it's sounds so nice.

    need to get to love library. before fall break. i'll have PLENTY of reading time over fall break. or i intend to. if nothing else i'll probably have time to read at work because there is NO WAY there is going to be that much to do.

    fuck. midterms. i forgot about midterms. fuck.

    ANYWAY. off to poke this paper. and maybe do some poetry. laters.

    ps: wow, this was an extremely self-serving entry. i'm just thinking out loud.

    pps: dry air is the bane of my existance. my eyes, sinuses, lips, and skin on my back HURT.

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2009-09-30 14:43 (link)
when are midterms? when's the next time you have off?

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2009-10-01 14:12 (link)
midterms are 12-15, and then fall break is 16-20 but i'm working on the 16,19, and 20th. i'll be home for the 17 and 18th though (probably). next break after that is thanksgiving, and that's nov 25-29 for me, though i MIGHT work the 25th.

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