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~carMEN~ (loserpunk17) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 11:13:00
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    i hate steven
    at times i love being single i have fallen in love with the person i have seems like others hate it but i have seriously changed for the best ...and i get shit from it..i hate contradicting myself...i really do i love being single but i hate being alone i was so used to someone being there for me whenever i snapped my fingers..and now im living this degrassi life ihate it hate...i also love the friends i have made..i just hate having one very close friend and gettting hurt by dumb things i dont know why i have to be agirl about all of done nothing to talk about
    need a date for rock and roll prom
    anyway..last night..
    we all went bowling it was tons of fun..let me try to name everyone
    steven, chris, jim, fat george,erica, emily, me, jacob, alex(left like always), ed, nina, anita, selena, tony, cheeseball girl i think her name is melissa,umm..others showed up...but whatever,..i got a fucking 93 i was so hot..ha ha
    after that we went to earthly pride to buy jim so new spiffy plugs the guy there remembered me it was creepy..we all left pizza hut bc nobody was going to eat..we made our way to chris's house and played DDR it was getting better at it me and steven own that fucking game ha ha....then we cuddled fell asleep in stevens arms once again..i smell comfortable so he says..and im his cuddling parter which i cool with me..
    we played more ddr and watched suicide club were i fell asleep again in more of stevens fun that movie was good..then i came home..
    it was too funny my mom was waiting for me in the in a was funny i started laughing....
    idk if i work today i suppose i can to get the number from amanda..laters

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