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Phil (lordvincent275) wrote,
@ 2004-02-01 23:51:00
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    Current mood: mischievous
    Current music:Shostakovich 5

    Weekend Update
    And now, your host, Phil DeYoung...

    Friday evening started out most uneventful. Went and saw Big Fish (and I wrote about that). Saturday... slept a lot. LOL... Then Saturday night happened.

    Went to PJ's recording to support a classmate and to hear some good music and to check out some professional recording equipment. And it was fun. Good music. Black southern gospel. Fun! We moved to the front during intermission and the second half was going well when, all of a sudden... PJ started to preach. Now, I am one who doesn't like to go to church all that much, and I will NEVER pay to go to church. So don't FUCKING trick me into paying to go to church. How dare you?

    Superbowl party tonight... didn't watch the match much... don't like basketball. The people played MOW (don't quite get it) and Ryan and I devised this funny game were we take ordinary words and phrases and make them dirty and/or funny. It was so much fun.

    Anywho... homework beckons and then it's sleepy time.


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