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Lord_Velos (lord_velos) wrote,
@ 2004-05-10 02:10:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    How ironicly funny. Mostly over a beer too
    One tells me to stay away for a bit. Another is BEGGING me to be in her arms.
    I want the one that wants me to go away. Not the size 1 with 38 C cup breast that is vying for my affections combined with a great personality and brains equal to the first person . (most men would KILL for this one easily I have a pic, but I am not posting it just yet) I talked with "stay away" for like maybe 30 mintues today. I talked with size 1, 38 C long red hair for several hours today. StayAway said that me tossing my beer on someone was a bd temper thing. IRONICLY without me even telling her about stayaway women size 1 38 C I found out tonight confessed she *WAS* there and even got hit with the overflow of beer. (I can remember her out of the corner of my eye) She saw my car the next day at a different bar (my car is very very easily reconzie able) and said she LOVED the balls I have to be able to stand up for myself and to be able to toss said beer in a persons face that more then deserved it. And that boldness is something that made her want to meet me. Two different people, two different viewpoints one person in the middle...ME

    But add love into this equation and it changes things for me. I love the one that want me to stay away for a bit.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave.

    I have alot on my plate to maybe re-think and re-elavuate.

    I think I'll do so while drinking a beer. Just to add more irony to it all. (smirk)

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