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Maria (loon) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 21:37:00
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    What Sign Should My Lover Be?
    Hmm, whaddaya know, my lover's sign is a Pisces wooohoooo! I like what it says about you darlin' :o)

    pisces lover

    You'll Fall in Love With A Pisces!

    You value love and compassion over nearly anything else a lover can offer.

    Naturally, you are attractive to Pisces - who want nothing more than to please their lover.

    Your Pisces will shower you with love and affection constantly, only expecting the same in return.

    Dreamy Pisceans are calm and drama free when it comes to relationships.

    Although Pisces is not likely to fight, he / she is likely to be easily hurt.

    Your Pisces will depend on you to take care of him / her emotionally, even when their hurt seems silly.

    A Pisces lover will feel your pain and disappointment, as well as your sexual heights.

    Pisces is a pro at taking both of your sexual fantasies and making them a reality.

    No doubt about it, you will feel emotionally one with Pisces in bed.

    What Sign Should Your Lover Be?

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