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Choaking on Nothing (lonmyownl) wrote,
@ 2003-11-13 17:30:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:Star above my bed

    trying to get pictures on

    okay people... i cant get pictures on here, so from now on, just clicky that little thing right up there for recent pics. Ill post new ones all the time. not sucha big deal? eh. *shakes head* deana tried to help me get this thing working with pictures, but it doesn't like me much. So PLEH! there. now go eat yourself, stupid little computer, I have ANOTHER website. Thats right, blurty, another one. I dont have much to write about. Popop died, and theres not much i want to talk about on that subject. Been a long ass week. Allison came to the funeral, she was the only one of my friends. But, Meaghan had me over on Monday to get my head straight. We went out with Nihan, and I drove almost the whole time. I had my first Krispy Creme donut. I guess its a southern thing. what else... Uhm, Allison spent the night... alot of family. My aunt is here from Virginia. My dads a wreck. Gagas, well.. shes trying hard to be strong. And Im, shit. I dont know. Ill be either really down or really happy. Most of the time Im happy its becuase im around my friends, but then I think about all the people in my life that just DONT stay with me or want anything to do with me anymore, then about popop, then grades, then my dad, play, swimming... fucking everything and i start going haywire. Everyone -for the most part- has been really nice, though. Ganon showed up at his funeral, what a nice lady. I love that woman, shes actually really cool if you talk to her. All liberal, feminist-like. Blah. Nothing else to say, really. Christine has been taking me out to eat lately after school. Today Erika took me and Nihan to Gingerbread house thingymabobber or whatever its called. Ive been drawing dark designs in school alot, and i find myself putting them on my wall and on my door. My mom thinks im a psyco. Thats all fucks.

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2003-11-14 22:40 (link)
if only u knew how much i like u

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2003-11-14 22:43 (link)
who Is this? It would be helpful if you didn't leave that post anonymously. Or maybe that was the idea?

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