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Frank (loner83184) wrote,
@ 2005-01-19 11:58:00
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    Current mood:Fantabulous
    Current music:Rammstien - "Without You" (Translated, obviously)

    New Beginnings
    Holy Shit!!

    Ha ha, that's the way to start out a Blurty, eh? Man, it's been since the 5th that I updated. People are probably wondering if I'm still alive. I am, and kicking as always. A lot has happened to me since the last update. I'm back at school, I only have one job and I have a girlfriend. That's just awesome...

    Well, let's get right into it. I'll use my standard format. Work, Family, School, Friends, and now, a new addition, Girlfriend! (Ha ha ha.... yea....)

    VIOC - The Battle Royal

    Work isn't going too well in all honesty. I still don't have that manager's job yet. My manager Joel keeps putting my certification on the back burner and the area manager (Dan Ellis) who has to give me my final interview is being transferred to fucking New York! So I might have to wait to see who the new AM is before I can have my interview! Not good... I don't mind being stuck in the CSR position, but $7.40/hr is not going to pay for my car, insurance, phone, rent, school, and the other necessities to keep me alive... I planned to be promoted to management when I was still with the hotel... So I'm kind of in a financial hard place right now. Life goes on, however.

    But over all, things at VIOC are ok. I still have fun some days while there are other days I'd rather pour acid in my eyes and chop off my fingers one by one. But you'll have that. My sales goals are becoming hard to meet some days but I'm not too worried about it, seeing as how I'm not a Manager yet. I've busted ass to get where I'm at and still no promotion? lol, so I'm just taking it easy for now.

    Sam, one of the technicians at VIOC, has a 240SX that he wants to drop a new motor in one of these days. Everyone at VIOC (except Joel because he's a duche') wants to go over Sam's and have party while we drop this new engine in. Man, it's going to be one hell of a learning experience. I can't wait for that. Dave, Sam's brother, told me that he'd fix my fender, too! (I got in an accident with a deer, which I'll explain once I get to that GIRLFRIEND section...)

    Family - The Never Ending Struggle

    I've been able to keep up good relations with Momma and Ed. The last time I went over there house, though, was on the 6th. Dawn and I went over there to watch a movie that Ed wanted to see. Resident Evil: Apocalypse. (Yea, you're damn right I bought that movie the first day it came out!) It was a great night. Momma ordered pizza, I got to mingle with the family, and Dawn was with me. It was fun.

    That night though, as some of you may recall, we had this huge ass ice storm that ruined a lot. A tree ended up falling on my parent’s house! So when Dawn and I got there, the clean up crew was just leaving and the upstairs was in shambles! But that didn't stop us from enjoying the movie downstairs on that 63" TV that I missed... lol

    So all in all, things are going well with my parents. Minus the tree in the roof part....

    School - Where everyday breakfast is served with Frosted Bitch Flakes

    Today was my first day back to school! The drive here was a little... harsh. We got our asses pounded with snow and it took me almost an hour and a half to get from Ravenna to Canton. It was bad man, people going into ditches left and right.... Nuts.
    I only have two classes this semester because I'm a little low on funds. Business Administration and Business Law and Ethics.

    Business Admin isn't too bad. Everyone in the class is kind of laid back. The teacher is awesome, too. Mrs. Jenson... She's peppy, helpful, and very funny sometimes. So, I think that class will be a breeze. Especially since I can take all the home work online. How cool is that? Lindsay, the girl I met who sits next to me, is pretty cool, too. We had to interview a student in the class to get to know them and present our findings in front of the class. It was a way to get to know each other. It was fun and Lindsay was my partner. I'm happy I made a friend already. Seeing as how we have this big ass group assignment in the next two weeks. I need as many friends as I can get!

    Business Law is going to suck ass. The teacher (who is the Accounting department head) is easily described in one work. Psycho-Monkey-Raping-Old-Whore. One word, see? lol, she's not too bad it seems, but the class itself is going to suck. Homework on the first day and she told us all about this project we have due in April already. Fun fun!

    But this is going to be a good semester. I just wish I had more money for more classes...

    Friends - The People that tickle me in ways others can't

    Things with the crew are going alright. Did the dinner thing a couple times, hung out at the girls house... nothing too horrible to report!

    One thing I have to mention would be the dinner Justine hosted for everyone on Monday, the 17th. Well, even though she had some help, Justine presented everyone with steaks, potatoes, rice, bread, and my favorite, CHERRY CHEESECAKE!! Dawn came with me and she rounded out the pack with her signature Buckeyes. But man... Colby cooks a mean steak. This coming from a woman who's burnt tomato soup, I was impressed! I had a great time that night anyhow. Just being with my friends, enjoying some good cooking... It was a nice chance of pace. Thanks so much for that dinner, Justine.

    Jeff and Jamie are also new owners of a Chevy Malibu Classic, too! I went with them when they went to a lot in Akron. The one where Jeremy works... I was really happy for them... The car itself is nice, too. I'm not a fan of Malibu's but as far as making a smart, economical choice they did good.

    Girlfriend - A new topic for a new beginning

    Yea, you read that right! And if you've read Dawn's last Blurty you already know that Dawn and I are officially together now! :-) I asked her out on the 6th in my parent's driveway after our little movie night. The way things were going with us, we might as well been together after that Sunday at Aletha's house but I wanted to make sure this is something I wanted to pursue, as well as something Dawn also wanted. After that night, my mind was made up. And low and behold... Frank Dolce is now... after many years.... off the market.

    Things with me and Dawn are going really well. Everyday I get to learn something new about her and that's what makes me want to be close to her. This girl is my mirror sometimes. We share so many ideals, thoughts, goals, dreams... But there are many things about her that are so unique. I can't help but be drawn to her.

    We've done quite alot together. We went to see White Noise in theaters. GOOD MOVIE. The movie was so involving Dawn and I were talking at times to try and figure the plot out, but once we thought we figured something out, more things happened and made all our ideas go out the window. It was that good...

    Whenever Dawn has a pep band game I usually meet her up there and spend some time with her. I also take her home and get to hang with her there.

    I also got to hit my first deer with Dawn, too. That was romantic.

    So tomorrow will mark two weeks for us. She's made me so happy... I can't even begin to describe how happy I've been.

    The Conclusion - The ending to this long ass entry

    Well, just to wrap this up since my fingers are starting to hurt, things for me are going great. I'm happy with my job, I'm going to school, things with my friends seem to be going well... And I have a girl in my life to share things with....

    I'm thankful for a lot of things... I know somewhere down the line the next challenge is just waiting for me, but I feel I'm in a better position to tackle those problems. My friends are with me and I have Dawn by my side. I'll never give up and I'll keep reaching for my dreams.

    Peace. Out.

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2005-01-20 09:15 (link)
YAY! I'm glad things are going well!!!


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miss you so much
2005-01-23 00:08 (link)
That was so sweet and only God knows how lucky I feel when I'm with you. I'm so glad that I found you. You make me so happy and I can't wait till I get to see you again (I'll prolly call you in about 5min though). But, just know that I'm always missin you and I love the fact that I have somebody like you to miss.

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