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sometimes lonely hearts, they just get lonelier (lonelywind) wrote,
@ 2004-07-03 23:26:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic

    you fabricated a web of lies, and the only reason that i'm watching is to see your next move.
    Went to Brit's house, it's so huge. Watched the Dvd from the ACLotM. We watch "Brandons Injury" It's the best.

    " All because of fucking dog shit" Thats great.

    Worsceter traffic suck.

    I loved tonight alot. I went to the Incubus concert. It kicked ass, I love them so much. Before it even started I called my mom to make sure I got there and she bitched at me.Then my sister called me and told me I was in trouble.
    We got to the show and hour late and missed Sparta (yes!) and we made it just in time for INCUBUS. They opened with Pistola, good song, after that they went to Nice to know you. But Brandon stopped after the first verse and told the crowd to back up because they had broken the barace. His voice was sexy.. So we waited for ten minutes for them to fix it and after that it was KICKASS

    by James @ 04 Jul 2004 01:21 am
    this show started, halfway through "Nice to Know You" it was stopped because the barricade broke and everyone in the pit was getting smashed (a lot of us fell over and couldn't get up) so Brandon stopped, the band did an improv while they waited to see what was happening, then left to let the guards fix the railing. After that, they came back out, started "Nice To Know You" up again then finished the show.

    Star background
    Lighters in the dark
    Drive and Here in my room
    Our seats
    His Voice
    Jose, Ben and Brandon's drum solo (ten mins LONG)
    "I want his SEX"
    His little poses made him look like he was having an orgasim

    The guys behind me
    being touched by strangers
    phone calls
    Running out of film
    Not getting a pic of his body
    No Milkshake

    My dad told me to be home by 11:30, Which I made on time because we missed the last few songs :( which sucks cause Brandon probably did the "Milkshake" but oh well.

    Pistola | Nice To Know You | Wish You Were Here |Idiot Box | Vitamin | Everything Is Dead | Sick, Sad Little World | Warning | Talk Shows on Mute | Drive (Remix) | Here In My Room Just A Phase | Magic Medicine | A Certain Shade of Green Green - Whole Lotta Love | 11 Am |Zee Deveel | Priceless || Encore: Pantomime | Agoraphobia | Megalomaniac

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2004-07-06 02:38 (link)
Oh yes. Brandon did the shake for us at MSG. Cool you live in Fitchburg. My dad lives up there.

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2004-07-11 18:56 (link)
I missed the shake :(

AWesome, thats cool. bet you miss him

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2004-07-06 02:43 (link)
Oh yeah! It was funny too, because after he did 'Just A Phase' he was like' Oh after every song, I promised myself that I'd say "Yeeahhh..."'. And then he did 'Here In My Room' and after that, he was all like "Oh shit I forgot: Yeeahhhh..."

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2004-07-06 12:34 (link)
I've got a question?

How were you able to have the playlist link up there without actually showing the play list?

I'm technologically impared, lol, that's why I asked.

Thanks much

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2004-07-11 18:58 (link)
ha, I used an lj cut

<*lj-cut text= " BLAH">


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2004-07-11 18:59 (link)
i forgot after the "PUT WHAT EVER HERE YOUWANT IN." put <*/lj-cut*>

just make sure you remove the *

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