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Demoness (lonelydemoness) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 20:09:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Delerium~Terra Firma (Lara's Mix)

    ~Wish I Had Money~
    Howdy folk! Been a little down lately two things really.
    1: I'm not well n exhausted.
    2: I miss Adam very very much.
    College has totally drained my energy as me gotta get up at 6 for college n me shattered after the end of the day..-.-' N me missing Adam lots as he away to Austria n Italy for a holiday till the 22nd me think..But he said he gonna send me a postcard. yay! '-' n while he away, me sorting out his late pressie! me giving him two of my comics, a lil scottish thingie me can't say what is is, a birthday card n moreeee stuff! he deserves awl that! ^^ Me did some silly pics from The Crow n me still got some stuff to put up. Check it out! *claps* X3 aiee yesterday at college when me was heading there, this guy in my class got off at the same station as me n went "Hi Sarah" n me was like.. O.O lol! So we started talking on the way to college n his name ish Chris n he seems really nice! ^^ he walked me back to the station too n he told me about his girlfriend n what music he likes n stuff! *claps* he ish like 22! me feel so young at college. ._.' guess me settling in there fine. =3 But Adam nu hafta worry about guys cause they awl just friendly n look at meee! *pokes her chub* the wouldn't look at me n think whooooo she's hot! o.o' n me love Adammmm so much n I have totally lost interest in other guys. its strange I know. lol! Me no want any other man but Adam. *squishes her photo of him* -.-, n me misssss himmmmm.. *dies* x.x' Yush..anyhoo! me n Adam cried the night before he left..we silly baba's. o.o, n his mumma had asked if me wanted to go with them!!!!! god dammit that makes me feel so! It was sweet of her. reeeally sweet. but me have no money n me at college so there was no chance of me going hoo. -.-, Going to Austria n Italy! how fun! I'd be dancing about n doing mario impressions in Italy! lol! When me go to Aus at christmas, me gonna do Steve Irwin impressions instead. o.o' CRIKEY! CHECK THE SIZE OF THAT BEAUUUUUUTY! X3 *dives on a croc* o.x' me so silly..83 bwuahahaha! *sips her milk* Well me missing everyone n me no feeling too well today so it sucks. No one online but Ross who put on away message as soon as he got online. ah well. Wondering how Chase getting on at college. n Hezzle. *stretches n purrs* poor lil Sawah..all alone n tired n ill...*curls up* Me was at my dads last night n they picked me up at the station n Erin totally dived on me. lol! she was like SADIEEEEEEE!!!! ._.' man I'm glad someone missed me! lol! n my dad n Laura were fighting upstairs so me kept Erin occupied..n when me had to go Laura huggled me n didn't let go for 5 mins..she seemed upset n acted as if she nu wanted me to go...Erin didn't want me to go either..she pulled my hair whining that me was to stay. ¬¬' can't she tell me that without using violence!? n my mumma has been trying to spend time with me more so thats ok. Does anyone have any ideas for some art me could do? running out of! *boogies n shakes her bootie to The Crow soundtrack* Hell yeah! X3 done one of those blog entries that it just mainly a lot of crap..o.o' lol! oh well. its just how I put my feelings down! ^^' *boogies more* X3 Ok me get going now! Love yews all n miss yas! oh! and for the nice person who left a comment on my last blog entry, thank you very much n me glad you enjoy my blog. =3 *bows gracefully* lol! *goes n weeps for Adam now* -.-, bbai. '-', *~*Chibi Chibi Chibi Shadow*~* ^-^ XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX <3 <3 <3 <3

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2003-09-14 09:59 (link)
Hey Sarah, missing you loads. Did you get my e-mail from like um, Iono, a few weeks ago? You didn't e-mail me back x.X;; Oh well . . . Me 'n' Liz went to see Pirates of the Carib. She said you wanted to see it. I woulda invited you if I had spoken to you, but I'm not online much and I dun know your new mob number >_< Well, bai *clings* -- Stu

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