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Mindy (lollip0p_bliss) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 23:09:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Picture - Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock


    So .. do you like my new lay out?! It's suuper hott. Anyways I had the background pictue done along with the colors and such .. then along came and she help me out by putting the text in the background and making this little area thing be where it is now. Thanks soooo much!

    K .. so yesterday ..
    oh my gosh .. went to Red Top for dinner .. k, so didn't know that Jeff and his one friend Matt work there. So I walked in and I saw Matt and I'm like .. k .. so he works here .. I'm sure I probably could have worn something else but whatever .. he's not the one that I like .. but then who comes out of the back room? Oh .. none other than Jeff.
    [ In case you didn't know which most of you don't .. Jeff is this guy that I like .. and we never talk .. and like he's that type where he can be soo dorky it's adorable .. -sigh.-] Anyways .. so I see him and I'm like .. - gasp. - and it was funny because he looked just as suprised as I was .. and then Matt kinda smirked .. then I'm like .. er. So then I'm like all playing with my hair and making sure I look okay because .. like .. it's him. And so my parents are all like what do you want while I'm in this dream world and my sister like snapped in front of my face to get me to snap out of it and I'm like .. k woah. Once again Matt and that smirk .. I don't like him much .. I hope he burns himself with that stupid torch thingy. So Jeff was getting our drinks and it was so cute when he gave me mine .. he's like ' you wanted loganberry, right? ' and he got all blushy .. and I got all blushy and I'm like ' yeah ..' and he's like.. ' here you go ' and he had the goofiest smile .. and I'm like .. -smile.- 'Thanks!' then like I became the messager of the food from the place to the outside sitting place .. and my hands were full the one time so like he ran over and held the door for me .. -sigh.- he's sooo sweet. Then when I was sitting down and eating .. we did that thing that we always do .. like we look at each other till the other makes eye contact then we both look away .. so yeah .. that went on for like 15 minutes then I left. I really wish I would have known he works there because I would have worn something else and such .. but whatever. It's done .. Note to self: Jeff works at Red Top. k.

    Then Kayleigh and I went tanning. I love tanning .. and the guys the work there are way hott .. lol .. the one is suuper nice too. So I guess I got a little bit of color .. whatever. At least I didn't burn .. ya know.

    Today .. I did nothing but sit around and watch a bitchy little kid run around and piss my little brother off .. I swear I can't stand the kid. She really doesn't pay me enough to deal with her. k .. so I think this is it.

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2003-04-17 16:44 (link)

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