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Im a baby. (lolidoll) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 19:46:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:watching tv actually...

    I got the job!
    I got the job at what I THOUGHT was a travel agency... (It was really telemarketing though...)
    So now I sell vacation packages over the phone! Oh well! Still, I get paid... and every Friday too.
    I have to wait a few weeks first though. I dont mind. I kinda like it but Ive just been training for 2
    days and havent been on the phone yet with actual people. I cant wait to get hung up and screamed What a crazy job!
    Last night me and Atsuo argued a lot. I thought he was going to send me back to Florida to tell you
    the truth. It wasnt pretty. He had been really late picking me up and i had waited out in the freezing cold
    weather... (very upset)... He just didnt seem very apologetic about it and thats how it started...grrrr...
    I dont want to get into it cuse im over it.
    Im SLEEPY tonight! I overslept this morning because Atsuo didnt WAKE ME UP this morning and
    I almost didnt even go in but luckily I rushed and went in anyway.
    Hiroshi emailed and said my spring sailor costume is in the mail! Wooohooo
    I want to go shopping bad...Im going to make a list of everything I want:
    1.) Winter Sailor costume at cosmates
    2.) Schoolgirl costume with blazer
    3.) Kogal schoolgirl costume
    4.) Summer sailor outfit
    5.) Cute lolita white dress
    6.) Heidi red dress
    7.) Pink apron dress with a heart

    wool pleated brown skirt from AE
    herringbone skirt from AF
    warm sweaters
    cute hats
    hello kitty purse
    Pink silk skirt form AF
    beige leggings from AF
    some cute tops
    warm winter coat

    Other stuff I dont need:
    SAILOR MOON anything!
    more anime
    pocky pocky pocky
    babypink lipbalm from Japan

    Ok, enough of my materialistic side!

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