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tangled in this beautiful mess (lnlypnkpolkadot) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 16:18:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:love soon- john mayer

    then our lips met

    intertwined fingers
    remind me why this smile's on my face,
    and why laughter never sounded so loud.
    laying in your arms
    takes me to a place where hurt doesn't exhist..
    where second chances are what makes life worth it.
    tangled in these sheets
    untangles my mind- from the mess 'he' left me in.
    your bare skin touching mine
    tells me you're not going anywhere.
    it makes me want to start believing again.
    and when our lips meet...
    i want to believe every word you tell me
    i want to erase my mind and start over with you
    i want to forget my past to give it all to you
    i want to let go of the hurt
    cuz when i'm with you, i'm able to do all of that
    but then the hurt comes back
    and i'm reminded of it all, every day
    i'm sorry, but i'll never be the same
    i only wish you'd understand
    and try anyway..

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2004-03-08 17:34 (link)
i really love that. you're an awesome writer, have you ever had anything published? and if you havnt, you should really think of getting some of it published.

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2004-03-08 21:46 (link)
wow, thank u so much sweetheart.... actually it never really crossed my mind to publish anything-- cuz well, it never really crossed my mind that i have any talent.. lol.. i just write whats on my mind..

but thank u, compliments make my day =)

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2004-03-25 14:51 (link)
its funny that you made an entry on this such a loser but this specific date was probably one of the happiest days of my life... lets go back...

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