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Elisabeth (lizzib) wrote,
@ 2003-03-17 13:37:00
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    Guess where I am...
    Hey Everyone,

    Back in the library... Not really doing much, but then I'm not feeling all here right now - LOOOONNNNGGGG weekend!!

    Kinda got no real sleep on friday night, had a lot on my mind, so dozzed a bit, waking up every half hour or so.
    Saturday was a good day, we had Adam, Mark and Elayne 'sleep' over; though we were in the pub with darren until after 1. Went to bed at 2ish, and had to be up at 4:30, so I didn't actually get around to sleeping.

    4:30 and the flat was thrown into madness as the 5 of us got dressed and ready for the day, then we had Mark drive up (over a bus only street, oddly empty) to the pool, where we got on the mini bus. Had a drive down to Birmingham, which I read for most of - I'm addicted to my book again - I'm sure it's not healthy living in another world, and I keep finding myself referring to things that DON'T EXIST in the real world, like Aes Sedai, and Ter'angreal... how worrying is that??

    Anyway, the National Outdoor Show at Birmingham NEC, was fantastic... loads of stalls showing all the latest sporting equipment, including a huge section on canoeing... There were all sorts of talks, and a wave pool for trying out boats on. This one guy did this talk that had Sarah, Jen and I literally drooling at the mouth - talk about good looking with a heart. I nearly died. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I wouldn't have believed such a guy could exist!!

    Took part in the Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) where they made us dress up in the latest Nike clothing, and do this huge obstacle course. I literally nearly died, from an asthma attack after we were done. I have nasty marks on my arm from where all the blood capillaries burst, which isn't so nice, especially with the sports and rec ball on friday evening.

    The obstacle course started with us (teams were a pair, and Patrick and I were team 5) sprinting up a ramp, then zip-lining to the ground. sprinting to a 6 foot wall, and climbing over it, crawling through a tunnel, climbing up a jacob's ladder (3 horizontal logs, about a meter and half between each one, attached to thick wire, but not the floor, so they shook. We had to climb up without touching the wire or the safety harnesses, and help each other up) then we had to crawl under a net, then either cycle 2 km on an exercise bike (which I did) or row 500meters on a rowing machine. Then straight to the climbing wall, and then under another tunnel, and onto a bridge thing to finish. we took 11 mins and 1 seconds to complete it. Adam and Jen took 11 mins 4 secs, and Elayne and Mark took 10 mins and 51 secs. We got to keep the tops we were wearing and got given nike goody bags, so it was good all round except the dying bit!!

    Anyways, we left Birmingham at 5, and travelled back, stopping for dinner at a brewsters pub, which was nice. Got back at 11, and I fell straight into bed.

    Spent this morning in at 8:45, chaperoning 600 kids from 21 schools in the area at the Sunderland Schools Dance Festival. That over, I came here, so I'm here now... gonna go home and watch the Bourne Identity in a few minutes, cos I have to return it the video shop tonight. Also think I've got to go to a meeting down at the marina this evening, which means I have to rearrange my plans to stay in and get completely bummed out and depressed over the fact it's St. Patricks day - And exactly a year since Roly and I started seeing each other. Doesn't seem a year at all, which is quite scary.

    Anyways, my arms are knackered from typing and climbing walls, so I'm going to sign off.
    See you soon

    love Lizzi xxx

    p.s. Took some more quizzes, after I saw Leigh's british one - Luckily I'm 100% british, but that's hardly surprising is it?? Would like to take one asking how American I am... that could in interesting...

    Which Disney Princess Are You?

    this quiz was made by Erin

    I like this one... If you read my message from 2 messages ago, you'll see the bit about me being a mermaid... weird or what?

    What month should you have been born in?

    this quiz was made by Erin

    Not sure what to make of this, but fine I guess... frankly, I don't see the difference between August and June, and I know I'd make a dodgy Leo, and am far happier being Gemini (if that's not a contradiction in terms, it should be!)

    Who's Your Btvs/Angel Sweetheart?

    this quiz was made by Erin

    Heeeeeyyyyy..... How u doin' LOL... Always knew I was destined to get with David! ;-)

    Who's Your Btvs Match?

    this quiz was made by Erin

    Oh great, I'm doomed to fight evil people all my life, and end up a lonely spinster, or dead... dead is probably better...

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