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Liya (liya) wrote,
@ 2005-01-22 18:15:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:Sheryl Crow, Anything But Down

    Help Me, I think i'm falling
    Today has been a very long day for me. People don't even understand what it's like to try to keep pushing so hard and trying to reach out to people. I'm here on my end and just want everything to go the way it should. I guess it is very true what people say, you never know how things will happen for you until it just happen. My sweet darling I just want you to love me all the way. I want you to take the full step with me and not be afraid. You're so closed up and I don't know if I should scream or if I should just fucking die. I love you, I hate you...I'm lost. The best thing ever in my life, turning into something that sometimes I could just regret. You with your silky words, it don't match anything you do.

    Today was just another long day. I'm just tryin to help people. But they don't seem to care. I just opened up a support forum for people who are bisexual/gay/lesbian and transgendered but people don't care. I guess this would be just another day of time wasted.

    Gay and Lesbian Rights Support Forum

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