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LiVe 2 TuMbLe (live2tumble) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 21:16:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:I Can't Make You Love Me--->Kimberly Locke from Idol

    1st Entry...
    Ok... so manii people are gettin these lil kool journal things, so i decided to get 1. I'm soo bored, I've watched lyk 4 episodes of Just Deal on Noggin, and I watched 7 last nite.... its pretty *sad*. A lot of people have those lil fill in the blank thingz on their journalz, so here, i guess i*ll do 1 tew:: ****************** Have you ever ****************** Done drugs: Yupp, i smoke pott lol Brit...jk Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Nahh, but I enjoy teasing Pam w/them at Kadima Eaten sushi?: Hell yeah! Been onstage: Yupp..some bad memoriez, especially w/Emily drama at SLC lmfao! Been dumped: Nope Has anyone ever been unfaithful to u?:Nope Gotten in a car accident: Yeahh... dun ask lol Watched Punky Brewster: Noo but my friend looks lyk her Watched the Smurfs: nahh Hiked a mountain: Onlii 1 mountain?? I*ve hiked lots unfortunately, thanxx to SLC! Stayed home on a Saturday night, just because: I usually stay home on Saturday nites, not Friday. Seen the White House: On TV nd crapp ****************** Either/Or ****************** Cold or hot: hot Lace or Satin: satin Blue or Red: blue Rain or snow: Well i dun like eitha, but prob snow Give or receive: Hmmm... prob both Wool or cotton: Cotton.. who the hell wears wool?? Rose or daisy: Roses, or tulips! Private school or public school: I wish i could go to private... Chocolate milk or plain milk: milk is nasty! Celsius or Fahrenheit: Farenheit all the way Spring or fall?: spring History or Science?: history Math or English: english Alternative or Country: Neither ****************** Opposite sex ****************** Do you like someone right now from the opposite sex?: Matt, but im neva gonna see him again =(((..but otherwise, no1, cuz Matt doesn't count! Do they know?: Well yea, cuz i took like 20 picz of him and told him he was hott Does anybody like you right now?: Probably not, cuzz im deformed lol Bren What do you look for in a woman/man?: Funny, sweet, nice...just like Charlie lolz Pam n Bren ****************** Your Friends ****************** Who's your funniest friend?: Pam, Bren, Brit, Nomi, Mir.... Who makes you laugh/smile the most?: My sexy K-Crew nd all my SLC peepz Who do you e-mail the most?: My SLC peepz Who's the loudest?: Pam, SLC peepz Who's the shyest?: Abbs, Lana..... Whose parents do you know the best?: Shari's, Brit's Who are you jealous of?: Ask any of my K-Crew peepz Who has the best room?: meeeee lol Would you ever go out with one of your friends?: Onlii if it were a guy, nd still prob not ****************** Within the last 24 hours ****************** Had a serious talk?: Yeeah Hugged someone?: Umm dun think so Gotten along with your parents?: A lil bit.. Fought with a friend?: I wouldn't call it a fight.. I told Elena that I would prob stay home to watch the American Idol finale instead of goin to Boston and she called me strange lol ****************** Do you like to ****************** Give hugs?: Depends on who im huggin =)) Give backrubs?: Onli with my lil back massager that i got with Lennypoo Take walks in the rain?: Rain sux! What color is your floor/carpet in your room?: Purple What was the last CD you bought?: American Idol Season 2, Kelly Clarkson, A Walk to Remeber for Pammy If you chew gum, what kind?: Ewww, gum is so gross, i dunno how people can eat it. I rather walk aroudn with a suckin candy in my mouth than look like a cow chewin on grass hehe. What did u do last summer?: SLC for the past 5 summerzz ****************** About You ****************** Gender: Girliee Age: 14 Nicknames: Riss, Rissa, Misha, Mariss, Piss...the list goes on and on Haircolor: brown EyeColor: Green Skintone: So fuccin pale except where my a$z meets my leg, where im still tan from Key West hehe Any birthmarks?: A few... ****************** Which one of your Friends???? ****************** Is most likely to grow up to be a model: I dunno...not mee Which one knows most about you: Pam, Shari, Jill, Shelbz Is most likely to become a comedian: Titty, Nomer, Kari Have you known the longest: Shari nd Pam You know most about: Shari, Shelbz, K-Crew, Jill Bestfriends: K-Crew and SLC peepz Most likely to end up in jail: Brit...the copz are gonna get u for throwin those M&Mz on Halloween lmao ****************** Favorites.... ****************** Food: Sushi, gucamole, mashed potatoes T.V.Show: AMERICAN IDOL! Boston Public, Degrassi, Just Deal, ER..... Drink : Tazoberries and Fraps from Starbux, and Diet Coke Movie: Chicago, Coyote Ugly, Center Stage... Actor: Sascha Radetsky all the way! Even tho no1 has any clue who he is lol Actress: Uhh i dunno...w/e Restaurant: Benihanas, Damon's, Nagashima... Place to be: Disney World!! I wish I could move and live there 4eva. Not onlii are the rides amazin (lmao) but my hottie Matt is there, and I'm neva eva gonna see him again.. ITS NOT FAIR!!! Song: Stuck, Hero, Cha Cha Slide, American Idol stuf Singer/Group: CLAY AIKEN!!!! HE'Z MY IDOL, I DUN CARE WHAT RYAN SEACREST SAYZZ! Sport: Gymnastics of course! Color: purple Candy: Choc covered gummy bears lolz Kari.. even tho they make u a lil high. And if u dun kno if ur high or not, if u walk around a mall singing Old McDonald and London Bridge is Fallin Down, then ur high! Lolz wat a krazii dai, i miss yu lyk krazii babe ****************** Have you Ever ****************** Been to a concert: A few, Britney Spears when I was like 8 lol, Xtina (ew), Destiny's Child, American Idol Season 1, and Season 2 this summer! HELLZ YEAHHHHH! Been in a different country: Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico Loved someone so much it made you cry: Not from loving some1, but from wishin i had some1 to luv, lyk Bren nd Pam (when will we eva be able to stop bein depressed

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