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kiki (littlepickmeup) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 14:54:00
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    omg i voted for afi so many time i voted exactly 150 times ahhh!!!!!! i need them to wim so bad it would be so great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but like i hate mtv anywaz they would not even care who win just who they like better mtv is like that but if we could get like every single person here to vote like a ton of times they might win we got to make them win besides its my fav song from afi!

    so vote vote vote hop to it damnit have afi win the damn award!!!!!!!!!!

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2003-08-21 16:33 (link)
Hi.. How old are you? What other music do you like besides AFI? What is your favorite CD? How long have you liked AFI? What is your favorite song by them?Have you ever been to any shows they've played at?

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2003-08-25 17:04 (link)
ummm im 14 i havent known them for that long but i known the for a while just didnt give any intrest to them cepet' when i heard girls not grey then i sorta got into it and then started to lissin to them alot and alot! and well i lissied to mostly all of there songs and i started to like them alot more and w/e so like by me just lissining to to girls not grey and calling my self a tru fan is sorta freakin retarded so i didnt do that i toke some time to know them before calling me a fan of afi's work and suchness !

i liek many other people besides afi like hardcore , emo, some metal , and yea that !

well why u wanted to know this i dont know so leave a comment back !


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