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Little Leah (littleleah125) wrote,
@ 2005-02-11 15:53:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:shane & shane - psalms.... listen to them. they are sweet

    so let me just share with you all (all 2 of you who may read this).... being sick is the stupidest thing in the world. my recommendation is that you NEVER do it. ok? ok. deal.

    however, it was kind of nice to just lay around today and not do ANYTHING.... missing work is not the best plan, but it was nice to sit around and watch TV for 6 hours.... too bad i gave up TV for lent. i guess that went out the window with my health. sorry.

    so tonight should be good though. my honey is coming over early to hang out with me since i haven't seen him much this week, and we're going to eat my yummy tombstone stuffed crust pizza--- best frozen pizza on earth next to freschetta (yes, they make delicious pizzas, for your information-- get them. they're good).... and then i will hopefully feel better. have to bowl tonight with the gang, wake up tomorrow way early to do some crosswalk stuff-- helping them bake cookies for old people so they can deliver them on sunday to the oldies homes around here... and then jenni & tim's wedding tomorrow! :) hooray! and i have the CUTEST date :) haha

    anyway, i have to go clean some stuff up--- clean out the drain in the bath tub so i can take a shower without standing in ankle-deep dirty water (i know it's gross, but if i have to deal with it, you get to hear about it, so hush)... and then i have to clean the kitchen because it's SO ridiculously dirty... me being sick and kristin being busy and the dishwasher being full of clean dishes for a whole week now means the kitchen is a disaster. so much for my 3 hours of cleaning last weekend. oh well. i like cleaning the kitchen. it is fun for me. the pulling the grody hair and junk out of the bathroom drain--- not so much--- but it must be done. wish me luck.

    i love the word "y'all", just so you know. i shall use it often. i want to be from the south. let's all move there. it's warm there too.

    y'all come back now, y'hear?

    shut up, you know you love me

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2005-02-11 23:09 (link)
jenni from central? or a different jenni?

get some drano for the tub. its the best stuff ever.


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2005-02-12 01:42 (link)
yes jenni from cmu

and it's hair, not grossness, so drano won't help

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2005-02-12 09:24 (link)
and it's hair, not grossness, so drano won't help

oh ho! but it will!!

An excerpt: For tough hair clogs, nothing beats Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover.

Yay! I have used it in my hairy tub before, and it is swell. 15-30 minutes, a bit o' hot water, and everything is draining as it should. No need to touch the gross hair. Yay!

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2005-02-12 12:23 (link)

i now love drano too.

hooray drano

hooray kT for knowing good stuff

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2005-02-12 12:52 (link)
yahoo I am the greatest

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