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Little Leah (littleleah125) wrote,
@ 2005-01-09 00:18:00
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    Current mood: chipper

    fun times at trinity church....
    so i apologize for missing a day yesterday :)

    yesterday was fun times in the children's wing, working with carmon and belinda, watching belinda beat everyone in settlers (a super cool game! --- that i will never learn to play and am only going to give you the previous statement as a peace offering in hopes that you'll all give up and realize i just really don't want to play).... i'm enjoying the new job so far but i can't wait for the point in time when i know what's going on enough to not have to ask Belinda or Carmon what to do....

    so then we had our ministry team/staff all-nighter mini-retreat.... it was a blast. we talked about crosswalk and what we're up to this year, voted on mission trips, and just got to hang out together for a bit... we went ice skating at the summit, which was really fun because kristi and chad came along. always a good time with them around. chad took some really nice pictures of me and kristi by pulling the camera out of his pocket in the middle of our conversations and snapping unfocused shots of us with our eyes closed and mouths wide open, i'm sure. thanks Chadley.

    i went home to sleep because i'm a pansy and my back hurt too bad to sleep on the floor again... and when i came back in the morning, i helped clean the church. Half of our group went out to feed homeless people in Lansing, and the rest of us cleaned. it was fun though, because i ended up staying for most of the day and helping Chad and Paul..... well, really i mostly watched them do work, but i had fun :)

    then it was home for dinner with mom and dad, and we went to see spanglish. it was ok. rent it. don't waste your money at the theatre....

    and now i'm off to bed so i can wake up in the morning. g'night!

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2005-01-10 19:16 (link)
who's the little girl in the goggles?

that was fun last night. mucho thanks to you and Kristi babysitting me!


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2005-01-10 23:43 (link)
thank you very much, that's ME.... and they're my mom's sunglasses, not goggles. :)

it was way fun... i love your family! i'll hang out with crazy Baine any day!

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