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.*.LiL Shawty's (littleangel04) wrote,
@ 2004-09-18 14:45:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:..*I Wanna Feel That Way Again*..

    ..*Feeling Like My Old Self*..
    ..* has all come back to me!!...guess post partum has its own ways of thinking for you and taking over your mind!!..but i got my old self back where i want to be!!...YES!!...i dont feel like all i do is help other people,..i dont feel like i am alone when it comes to rasing Laci i dont feel like the person i did when i was pregnant i feel good...having a baby is a WONDERFUL thing and it makes you know who you are and what you want to do with yourself...and i love that so much she was a HUGE WONDERFUL gift from God!!...i think all people need a baby when they are lost and alone...they know they have them to look forward to everyday and to live for!!...but it has just hit me last week i guess that i wasnt the same ol sad sappy person anymore...i am ME again!!..the only person i know to be the only person i should be and the only person i want and am going to be!!...i had soo much fun these few couple of days and i thank my friends so much!!...there is never enough thanking you can ever do for thanking your friends for all that they do for you and all that they are here for you for!!..tonight i know is going to be even better because we have kinda the same ol night except more people and better things to do!!....i get to ride again on the bikes and play in the mud and all the fun things country girls do!!...haha...well i am going to go now..i am going to go shopping!!..i ate at ponderosa and it made me SICK..Melissa ate like a pregnant cow...haha!!...but seee ya!!...HaLLa*..

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2004-09-18 15:56 (link)
girl shit you know i am always here for you we have been friends for what 7 years almost and you are somebody i can always talk to and even after all the bullshit i have done and been through you still dont care.--my dad asked what was up with me lastnight and i said dont worrie about me i didnt drive lastnight so i culd have dranked and smoked all i wanted i think i pissed him off but thats what he said he didnt want so i didnt do that in my car.well i have to run on i am going to be late have fun shopping and call me kiss baby laci for me bye bye

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2004-09-19 23:56 (link)
my msn is a aint workin for nothing but o well.i got on here because i saw you talking and i just got in myself to,damn i sure worked hard today! but i guess it pays so,anyways tonight was crazy girl ha i am glad that we still got to haev fun despite all the shit that happened that girls baby was not as cute as little baby laci is my girl she is going to be sayin what up homie shit girl i am tired and i know you have to be up early to just call my cell on your lunch maybe we can meet up or something lata give laci kisses for me.

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im glad you feel alive again!
2004-09-19 13:21 (link)
im glad that you finally crawled out from under that damn rock and you feel like yourself again. i always thought that you were the same but just a lil calmer than back in tha day ya know.. haha but i feel like i have been given another chance to do right with my life.. i have my true love back and ill be damned if i do anything to mess this up again. girl you know he is my everything and i love him with all my heart and i will die before i let something else mess this up!! you have been there for me during my ups and downs and you know how i get when im sad. but now there is nothing that could make me happier!! well i know one thing but we arent gonna talk about that because i know that wont happen and im still young!! hahaha and im not talking about havin a baby.. to me its bigger than that. someday it will happen for me and i hope it is him standing by my side. i am so in love and it took me this long to realize what i was missing without him. he is my everything and i have never felt so overjoyed in my entire life!! thank you for being there.

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Re: im glad you feel alive again!
2004-09-19 23:51 (link)
..*Haha...well thanks i crawled out of the rock and realized i have a life to live...why wait?? thats what i did...i am happy that you are happy and i thank you for everything that you do for me too...and i appreciate everything that our friendship has given to one another...if you would like to do something sometime just let me know...i miss ya girl...i have been pretty busy with doing things latly and i have a job now so i am trying to make time for all my other things...i am sure you would like to have a family!!...with Jack i hope i guessed it HAHAH...because you said not a baby!!...babies are WONDERFUL!!...well i will always be here for you and you are so welcome for that talk to you soon...if you ever want to do anything let me know....bye girl!!*..

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