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Mystery (little_mystery) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 03:12:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Play- I must not chase the boy's. ^^

    WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! O_____o
    EEP! I just got caught on the computer when I ish sneaking on!!! >___________< OOPS!!!

    Noah: --;; And you might get grounded from going out shopping with Kitami-chan tomorrow now....

    Mystery: OO!! NOOOOOO!!! >< DURN IT!! ;______;

    Noah: It's only shopping....

    Mystery: O< Only shopping?! We were going to go to a movie and meet up with Robyn and Jorden!!! WAHHHHH!!!

    Noah: Oo;;

    Mystery: BAH!! I need a root beer...... >>...... *sighs* Oooooi........ mom ish not happy but ish letting me finish this entry since I don't usually write in this... ^^;;

    Noah: How about you write randomly aibou?

    Mystery: Ooooooo okies!! ^____^ *blinks then shrugs and start's typing*

    ----------------------------------*--------Passion and Desire --------------*---------------------------------------------

    Leather. Heat. Music. And the epitomy of all things sexual.

    He is what many women crave, but don't know they can't have.

    He belong's to no one.

    But he will be mine once I have my way.

    "Mind if I join you?" I purr to the beautiful man in front of me.

    He smirks. Perfect lips tilted in a frown and smile hybrid.

    "Why? Do you think you are different to me then the others who have asked to dance with me and are rejected?" He pronounces each word in little more then a whisper and it makes all who hear his voice shudder.

    Except for myself of course.

    "I am different. You may represent desire, but I represent passion. And passion and desire were meant to be together...." I smile to myself as I see him shudder by my voice.

    "Shut up and dance" He wraps his arms around my neck, presses his lithe body against my own more masculine one, and what else am I supposed to do but comply?

    "As you wish."


    Mystery: *blinks* That was random.... Oo....

    Noah: Who were the two men in that?

    Mystery: *shrugs* I dunno! I just wrote it, I can't explain it!! ^___^

    Noah: *facefaults*

    Mystery: Heehee.... JA!! *run's from mom while dragging Noah behind her*

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2003-06-18 12:44 (link)
*throws hands up* LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!!

Naomi: ...--;;

XD I loved the written piece!! You should do that more often!! HOORAH FOR RANDOM TYPING!! *grins* You gooooootta love it! Ooooh! >

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