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Mystery (little_mystery) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 07:51:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:*blink blink* Angsty music!!! Oo...

    Why ish my life crazy?!?! Nuuuuu!! I don't know!! O.
    Noah (Yami/Darkness of Mystery): *looks up at the title* Creative..... --;;

    Mystery: Nuuuuu!! First I have a huge fight with my 'friends', then I get in a huge fight with my sister, then I don't understand'es my school work, and now I'm in a love...... square!! And I don't even want ta be!! O.<

    Noah: *narrow's his eyes* My aibou's male friend has a crush on aibou. But she's mine, ra damnit!! -___-

    Mystery: O__o;; O......k........^^;; Well what happened ish that my sister and me have two friends, one's name ish Heather and the other is DJ (I'm so glad they don't read or know about this journal... ^^;;). Basically Heather and DJ went out as g/f and b/f for a bit and Heather thinks their still going out when their not, because DJ has an interest in me....

    Noah: *huffs* -_________-

    Mystery: ^^;; He said to my sister, who told me, that he want's to go out with me because I'm more 'feminine' and I'm nice, and good looking or whatever because Heather could care less about make up, hair, or clothes and what not....

    Noah: *smiles sweetly* And I want to rip out DJ's heart and run it through a cheese grater, put it on a pizza, and make him eat it!

    Mystery: Oo;; That's just a bit scary No-chan....

    Noah: *shrugs* Continue aibou, this is your rant thing, so whatever.

    Mystery: Riiiiiiight...... well anywho it's get's more complicated.... ^^;; Ok so another guy named Jean Yves (<< I always laugh at his name.... and I'm not even sure if I spelt it right cause it's a french name and it's pronounced John Eves... ^^;;) likes Heather but Heather likes DJ still but DJ likes me, and I frankly don't like ANYONE in a relationship kinda way!!! >_____<

    Noah: *coughs then sniffles, giving Mystery sad rejected eyes*

    Mystery: Awwww!! You know I luvies you No-chan! *huggles Noah* But I don't know what to do!! If I hurt DJ's feeling's I'll have people after my head! And if I go out with him....... I DON'T WANT TO!! O.< BAH!! I should never have shown my face at that dance!!.... it was lotsa fun though... ^^ But that's what started this mess!! ><

    Noah: Oi aibou.... why don't you just stop worrying and write about something else, ne?

    Mystery: Okies No-chan! ^__^ Oh I know! A couple days ago, (maybe a week since I haven't updated in so long.. ^^;;) I beat up a bunch of popular sluts!! ^^

    Noah: And yes that is a good thing. These people called themselves aibou's friends and then turned on her as soon as they knew she liked yaoi! I was very happy when aibou slapped the bimbo ringleader! ^_____^

    Mystery: ^^;; I feel bad for fighting but I was only defending my friends, and myself when they started to bash us!! *glares* So when they started to bash even my authoress friends like Vera-chan and Seth-chan I just had to kick ass!!

    Noah: *grins* Yup! It was highly amusing to see them all head for the hills after aibou had some sugar! >)

    Mystery: Yeppers!! ^____^; Well I'm gonna write down a little quote to end this and I'm going to get Kuroi (bah! I ain't explaining who he is cause that would still take to long...) to say it cause it's kawaii! ^___^ So ja all, and thankies for reading!!! ^^

    Noah: Ja!

    -Kuroi walks in, or more accurately, get's shoved into a little spotlight by me, Mystery! ^^-

    Kuroi: --;; Why ra do you hate me??

    Mystery: *cough*QuoteorItelleveryoneyoursecretcrush!*cough*

    Kuroi: Oo *sighs and takes a deep breath*

    A relationship is like a rose,

    How long it lasts, no one knows;

    Love can erase an awful past,

    Love can be yours, you'll see at last;

    To feel that love, it makes you sigh,

    To have it leave, you'd rather die;

    You hope you've found that special rose,

    'Cause you love and care for the one you chose.

    *bows and half glares at Mystery as he disappears*

    Mystery: ^________^ Ja again minna-chan!!

    Noah: Ja..... *sweatdrops and curses as Mystery get's more sugar*

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2003-05-21 17:15 (link)
0__o Ohayo!

Heh, poor Myst!! Love is such s a BITCH! *goes throttling Love and Cupido*

Makura: -_-;; Isnt it Live is such a Bitch?

Dark: *thrugs* Seth twist's everything...

Makura: ¬_¬;;

*Laughs insanely as she starts plucking the feathers out of Cupid's wings*

Makura & Dark: 0__o;;;

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2003-05-23 04:53 (link)

Naomi: ...o0.......... No more Strawberry Soda for you aibou..

*giggles* Alirghties Na-chan! ^_^ ......... ^^;; Bah, gomen nasai for this morning (my time) I wash signed-ded out and couldn't get back on before I had to leave for school... >.O I ish glad I dun have relationships like dat! DEMO! *huggleglomps Mystery-chan* ^_______________________________^ YOU STOOD UP FOR US! SLP DAT HOE! YOU GO GAL PAL!!

Naomi: ... again about the sodas...

*grins* Alrighties! I'm OFF! ^_^ Take care tomodachi! Ja ne!

Naomi: Ja

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