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.·:★!lisa!★:·. (lisis) wrote,
@ 2003-10-20 16:27:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Im Addicted to you
    I got casted for another part in Fall Festival. I'll have to see when nights i got for triple casting so you can come.
    You know what sounds good right now? A ceaser salad. Sounds like it should be in the Iliad, huh? Only ceaser salads are good, unlike the Iliad.

    Boring, eh? There's more but none of it would make any sense.

    Unlike the footwear I always wear- this is different.

    Last night, Apple Jack signed onto AIM. Well there are a few things that were wierd about that. The first one is that he's never on. EVER. Just to make sure it wasn't something I was imagining, I jumped on another one of my sns. his was still there.
    When his alert popped up on my screen, everything inside of me started flipping around. And I couldn't breathe. Sounds dumb but it's true. I am such a.... doofus. lol.

    Her name is Amanda Mason. Amanda ROSE Mason to be persice. The rose doesn't fit. Her middle name should be Thorn because shes a prick.

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2003-10-20 22:55 (link)
she needs to be fwapped a couple of times with the ends of the rose.. you know.. like.. you know when you roll up paper and hit really hard? well just grab the rose (with thorns) by the flowry part and hit her with the rose stem several times. aim for the eyes.

okay, thats kinda gross...

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