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lisa99460 (lisa99460) wrote,
@ 2005-02-25 23:44:00
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    so tonight was like the only good night of vacation. it was so funny. so we go out to applebees for nicoles birthday, just the 6 of us, and oh man...we always have fun there. we're always the loudest most obnoxious ones there. funniest thing...we ordered like a thing for nicole so theyll come out and sing happy birthday to her. so they come out with cake and baloons and nicole didnt know it was to her so she got all mad and she was like "HEY ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOO!" and then she was all embarassed.

    thennn we noticed there were all boys from penn state there...and from uconn, and alll these colleges. turns out they were all staying in the sheraton next door cuz theres a track meet tomorrow at BU. so we started talking to the track guys from southern connecticut university, and nicole told them her name was Candy. it was so funny. they were like the funniest guys. they had the best names too. we told them we were going to the meet tomorrow. haha they were telling the waitress they were a rap group and she thought they were like celebrities.

    thennnnn. after we went to the movies to see Hitch. and meet nicole's friend. and his friend. oh boy, what a weirddd night. so i just sat there next to this kid. he was like 6'6. giant. i tried to like talk to him. he was soooo quiet. and alll he did was keep like almost putting his hand on my knee and then moving it away. i cant stand shy boys. and his friend kept telling me to talk to him. and he was like "i'm usually quiet" so we just sat there and didnt talk. haha. awesome...and once again...well he wasnt too great but atleast the movie was funny.

    tracy was right and I was wrong. tonight was funny though. spontaneosity is good. if thats even a word. i just wish we went to sherrry and met our friends. room 713. haha

    happpy pre 16th birthday nicole

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