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Sarah (liquidecho000) wrote,
@ 2003-10-15 20:18:00
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    Whats goin on...
    I have decided tha I am going through another episode of inasinty. I dont feel comfortable in my own body and feel like I'm stuck here. I try not to think about it but I have realized that we are just stuck on one big rock right in the middle of nowhere. THe kind of nowhere that can break us up into tiny little pieces in the matter of seconds if we are exposed to it. Nothing seems to be going right and I dont want anyone to think I'm bitching I'm just trying to give everyone a chance to know me since I'm new to this whole online Journal thing. But anyway. Some other things about me are...I am 18 years old, My name is Sarah, I sing, I dance, I model, I love to draw, and write poetry, and I am always looking for a new person to meet...I find people so interesting and everytime I meet someone knew my mind explands and I become more knowledgable. So for anyone who reads this and has any thoughts about what I have said or just want to get to know me better please reply to this journal and I will get back to you...
    Thats enough for right now...maybe there will be some more later
    :) Sarah

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