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kT. (liquid_pink_) wrote,
@ 2003-08-28 21:55:00
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    Current mood:confused
    Current music:ATB - Let You Go -RemiX-

    Don't be... don't be asian....
    I just got back from Scott's with Sam and Jesse.. it was.. much fun? Hah, I'm retarded... WTF is wrong with me... Oh.... I know....

    School today was okay... I know what would make it a whole lot better... if I had some fucking drugs. mmm... it would make everything at least Seem so much better. I need more friends at school or something.. or maybe I should just go to the old High School.. at least there I would have my Dani... I miss her so much.. We were with eachother like everyday until school started.. this sucks.

    Yeah... well... i like these two people that are very important to me... I bet you can't guess who they are... Yeah... but I have very strong feelings for them.. I just wish the feelings were mutual.. but who could love this.. I don't know why I bother with all this shit.. I know these feelings will go away someday.. but I can hardly live with them now.. I hate being like this.. I feel pathetic and.. ugh, I don't know.

    I guess I should find some good things about my life too.. I have three great friends... (Sam, Dani, and Jesse)

    I'm in highschool now... it's better than being with a bunch of imature peoples.... oh wait... =/

    My mom and I are getting along good still... even after she found out I do drugs... I told her I stopped for the second time and that I'm not ever going to do them again.. but she still lets me go all the places I used to... so I can still do drugs...

    My Birthday is in five days..

    Umm... well.. I can't think of anymore.. that stuff doesnt make me so happy though... I know there are other things to be happy about.. but I can't think of them because all that I ever seem to think about it the bad stuff.. psh... what fun...

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2003-08-30 14:24 (link) love really opened up in this entry...and usually you dont want people to know this kind of will all get better in the end. <3 remember i will always be here for you

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Re: KayTi....
2003-08-30 20:58 (link)
Sometimes I just need to get some stuff off my chest because I can't handle all the feelings inside...

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