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LipCrack (lipcrack) wrote,
@ 2012-01-13 19:40:00
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    So just finished taking a quick look around at what's going on locally and the New Royal Hospital caught my attention work seems to have started on it.....and considering I'm wondering where the monies going.....well I just found 200 million of it...going once again into Hansen Yunken Building Developers and Spotless to name a couple of organizations which seem to be taking an ever increasing slice of business and turning it into a seems they won the bid, not surprising when there's a vested interest in terms of the catering...and lets face it..when one companies continually building something....basic fact...everything is going to start having a rigid blandness to it....much like Adelaide ...of course were being sold "its what the older members of the community need"....but it seems of more interest to its funders is the research they'll be able to do on their welcome to the next decade of lab rats for the Health Sector...rather you than me again....of course as your probably won't have time to find a lawyer to do anything about it by the time you've been dissected.

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