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L'Interdit (linterdit) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 22:38:00
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    Current mood: accomplished

    yay for Greenbrier Mall!
    Before I tell the events of the day...I must copy!

    A-Z SuRvEy

    A - Age: 16 years + 4 months + 4 days lol :D

    B - Best Quality: my eyes?

    C - Choice of Meat: chicken! or...ham?...beef jerky...I don't know...but I could never be a vegetarian...

    D - Dream Date: I like being want it to be something I'm totally not riding on dolphins...or something of that nature. lol

    E - Ex (most recent): er. Rick.

    F - Favorite Food: hmMmMm...I've been rather attatched to popcorn lately.

    G - Greatest Accomplishment: I don't have one of those, yet.

    H - Happiest Day of Your Life: ehm...I think the happiest day...would have to be...anyone of the many days/nights when Lauren, Becca, and I would venture over to Mike's. (summer after 7th grade)

    I - Internal Conflicts: Whether or not I really am an arrogant little bitch. ;D

    J - Jail Time: I've never been to jail...but I got brought home in a cop car once, with Ashley cause we were...*dun dun dun* out past the county curfew (oh yes, bad to the bone, biatch)

    K - Kool-Aid: er. I don't remember ever having had Kool-Aid...but I'm thinking I would like grape, since grape is my favorite flavor for everything else.

    L - Love:'s bout we don't go there, mk?

    M - Most Valued Thing I Own: my...books? They give me a sense of security, although why...I'm not really sure.

    O - Outfit You Love: OOH! Mk, my dark-blue halter-top...shirt thing...with my non-super-dark blue jeans + my heart flip flops. :D

    P - Pizza Toppings: ew. pizza.

    Q - Question You Want To Ask: Is 'orgasmical' a word?

    R - Road Trip: The only one I know of right when we all turn 18...Mary + all her friends + I are goin' to Mexico. That's 2 years away, though. lol

    S - Sport To Watch: Ice Skating (shhhhush)

    T - Television Show: That 70's Show, Friends, Trading Spaces...

    U - Unique Habit: er...OH the way I eat popcorn...I don't know why people don't tell me to stop, cause even I find it

    V - Voice: um. yes, I have one. ?

    W - Winter: is cold.

    X - X?: yz.

    Y - Your Name If You'd Been Born The Opposite Sex: Oh wait I know this...I was gonna be like...Justin...or something.

    Z - Zodiac Sign: pisces!

    And now, for today's adventures!
    Mommy and I went up to Greenbrier Mall, and ooo-wee! I was being Little Miss Bargain Shopper! Mk, for $50 I got 2 shirts, a pair of flip flops, 9 necklaces, 3 sets of eight barrettes, and a pair of sunglasses. I was rather proud of myself, except for the fact that I had intended to only spend $20. Heh, oh well, I 'spose. Tomorrow we are gonna see Alex and Emma (I think that's the name of it) - I'll be sure to letcha know if it's any good.

    I've been on a cleaning frenzy all night; I don't know why. But, my load of laundry is done, so I must go switch + fold. Peace. :D

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2003-06-29 00:46 (link)
orgasmical is a least now it is.

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