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Ailin (lini_b) wrote,
@ 2004-04-11 12:18:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Linkin Park - Figure.09

    oh im so so happy! i did it!
    well well.... after staying up till like 3 am in the morning yesterday i could finally install a network in my house, a wireless network! all by myself :) the feeling i got is very gratificating because i did it all by myself; when everyone would tell me to give it up already, i would keep on trying! because that's what it all is about, never giving up and having a strong spirit.
    the only 'negative' thing is that ijust woke up... it's like 12 already! shame on me, but that's OK, I don't like to complain.
    My dad went to get us all some donuts, the outcome of my mom being away for a couple of days is showing its positive side; we all are getting along better and growing closer to my dad, who has turned out to be a wonderful house keeper. I love you daddy.
    Well and that's it for now, I hope my day turns even more exciting when doodie comes in scene!!! I love you bebe!

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