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Lily of the unknown valley (lily_in_pain) wrote,
@ 2003-07-30 10:33:00
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    Just a poem..or is it?
    There are tiny holes
    All in my soul
    White, black, it doesn't matter
    And every day, someone
    Anyone really,
    Takes a little piece.

    But then there are those
    Who take those pieces
    and my peaces
    On purpose
    And nothing ever happens
    They keep living their
    As though they haven't taken
    Peaces of mine (yes, spelled that way)

    I want them back
    The ones taken deliberatly
    The ones taken in anger
    Or, it's all anger
    Of one kind or another

    I want those back
    They are Mine
    And YOU
    Had no right
    to take them.

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2003-11-16 05:52 (link)
I have Chronic Fatigue, and very much feel the same regarding "My existence now is one of a living death. I can not live, for I have chronic pain and am unable to live a "normal" life, and yet I can not die, because I have those who count on me". So anyway, just letting you know I added you. And you should really post here more often.

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2003-11-17 11:44 (link)
I sometimes forget I have this one. I will add you back :) That particular post wasn't about the FMS, but often they are.

Thanks for reading :) I do understand. We have to go through a large grieving process. Because someone did die. The person we wanted to be. After we grieve, then we find what's left and go from there. And I haven't stopped yet *heh*

I did want to die. My little girls keep me here. They need a mommy, even if she lives in her bed.

::::gentle hugs:::: If you want them.

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2003-11-17 14:06 (link)
Of course I want them. Thank you.

*hugs back*

I have a 3 year old little girl. How old are yours?

Oh, and I love lilies too, my old journal username was lilystar. : )

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2003-11-17 15:01 (link)
My girls are 5 and almost 10. Beautiful, and bright. I'm so afraid they're going to end up like me.

I actually took the name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, I know, sometimes it can be pathetic, LOL). But it grew on me (ouch, pun) and I use it often.

On my web page (that's about Buffy anyway), I go by Lily.

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