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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2005-04-21 07:36:00
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    Current mood: blah

    Quick entry before I go to school. My mom volunteered to take me so I have a few minutes to relax. Things are going well. Prom is tomorrow. I'm not really excited though. At least not yet. Uh not much has really been going on though. I mean, not to the point where I have to put it in here. I'm a tired though. Mainly because I find something to stay up til 3 o clock in the morning doing. Hell, there's nothing to really talk about. I might go with Steve and some friends to H20 on Saturday (it's a club for those who don't live in Salisbury). I think we're still goin to Rehobooth on Sunday. I think we were initially going to the beach. Yeah, I feel like I'm talking about absolutely nothing.... I think it's cause I just woke up at 7. But something that has been going on... is me being here for a little over a year. It's weird because I sometimes I get these feelings and stuff from when I just moved here. Whether it's listening to the radio when getting ready for school in the morning or the spring air around. It feels nice. I wasn't really happy at the time but it was exciting. I dunno. I guess that was just a ramble. I'm gonna finish getting ready for school now. Senior meeting about senior stuff today. ^_^ Later.

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