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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2005-01-02 20:18:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Mae "All Deliberate Speed"

    Back From A "Extended" Holiday and No Resolutions For Me...
    Hey there. Been a while huh? Not much has changed since the last time I put an entry in here. Not gonna do a "this year is gonna be like..." type entry. New Years is somewhat a sham. Celebratin is nice and all but no New Years Resolutions for me. I can decide to change something in my life whenever I see fit. One thing I'm going to work on though is trying to be more self motivated. I decided today so it's not a resolution. heh. Anywho, talked to Ricky on and off a few times last month. Couldn't keep doin it. Just didn't have it in me. Whenever I begin giving him the benefit of the doubt that things will be different, they won't. He won't change. And thats fine. But I'm going on with my life. Moving on, life in Salisbury is still the same. Absolutely nothing has changed. As anything ever will. Due to my lack of having a life, I figured I should do stuff to keep me swamped until I'm out of high school. I'm gonna take some non-credited courses at the community college around here this spring. Still gotta get volunteer hours. Try for my license this month! Gotta get my senior pictures and all that hoo-haa done. So, I think I can manage to stay pre-occupied. Over break, I managed to become a video game freak. Because I had nothing else to do with my time. Playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Baten Kaitos, finishing Kingdom Hearts CoM, Final Fantasy 1, and GTA: Vice City (Yes I just got the game. I'm tryin to save my money so I didn't get the new one). Um... most of the time during the beginning was organizing songs to put on my iPod I got for Christmas ^_^. It was truly a pain though. Working a pretty decent amount the past few weeks due to Christmas and all. Hours are gonna get cut tho. I'm not complaining. More time for me to watch my shows during the week. New Years was like every new years. Sucked and alone. Not really feeling "sorry" for myself. Just tired of it being like that. Umm, break though was overall nice. Although all of the people who said we were gonna go out and do stuff didn't call me once, it's cool. No point in staying bitter about stuff like that ya know? I guess that's really it. Well, I'm going to do my fairly short Psychology paper and maybe I'll update sometime later this week. I'm out.

    P.S. My favorite band for the past two months have been The Killers (who are still awesome), but my new band is Mae. They are awesome. Going to see them in concert on March 12th. Already bought tickets. :D

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not so anonymous... jus don't got a name here...
2005-01-03 23:47 (link)
u know... i'm glad ur not like man life sux and i'm gonna kill myself... even tho ur mood is pretty much mellow it's still a good mellow :)
why did i do this?... cuz it looked interesting :P

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2005-01-03 23:54 (link)
uh yea i ment to post more... but accidentally didn't... o well... yea... jus dude don't ever forget that there always will be someone for you to turn back to, one day that sumone will be a special sumone and even then u'll have friends in the background to look to... so chin up, and suck it up cupcake ;)
what does this do? i think it looks a lil different... mehbe it's jus me...
what bout this?
and this?
ok well i'll do more l8rz i guess...

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