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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2004-10-29 00:50:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:steel train "alley cat"

    2 Weeks In... The O.C., Ashlee Simpson, The Job, Billy-Bob, & Err.... That Eclipse...!!
    Wow, it's been a good while huh? Sorry about not really updatin like talkin about it. It's not even that I've been busy. It's because I've been too lazy. I've had every day off since Sunday and I've been chillin like crazy. And nothing really has been goin on in my life. Like anything ever does. Let's see. I went to Homecoming and the game last weekend. They were pretty cool. If it weren't for Jay, I wouldn't have gone to the dance because I was scheduled to work. But because he put me on the spot, one of the managers actually gave it to me off. So I'm in his debt. Tuesday I got the new Simple Plan cd which is simply awesome. They haven't changed their sound but their songs are a lot more mature and somewhat harder (closer to their live sound). I love it to death. And what's even better is I got The O.C. Season 1 Boxset on Tuesday too. ^_^ I didn't get a chance to really check it out until today. Watched the first episode with commentary and the last episode. I so can't fuckin wait until next Thursday. I'm seriously disconnecting the phones and everything in the house so no one can distract me. And Tru Calling comes on right afterwards so people better get everything in they want to talk about before 8. Moving on, I can't wait until Friday... (today. lol after school at least). Because then I don't have to go back until Wednesday. Wee. ^_^ I got my SAT scores from the 9th. I got a 1060 on my FIRST try. Isn't that good? Espically since I didn't get that much sleep the nite before or go over any SAT strategies in months. 500 on Math and 560 on Verbal. It's funny cause I thought the math was easier. haha. Moving on, I finally got my Check card in the mail Tuesday. It's horrible. I've bought a few good things online already. haha. I got a DC hat and a "Man of the Hour" shirt for the concert next week. And this little subscription and that's it. I'm waiting for my next paycheck (my b-day) and my b-day money before I buy anything else. Can't wait. ^_^ Oh and I just had to mention about it. The whole Ashlee Simpson thing... People are seriously getting ridiculous. It's not that serious. So what she lip-synch that one time? I can bet any amount of money ANY pop group/person has lip synch in their career. Even Rooney lip-synch on The OC. Granted it was a pre-recorded episode of an actual series, it's the principle. Get the fuck over it and leave that poor girl alone. I hate it how fans are so quick to turn on their idol because of something as stupid as lip-synch. Maybe if she made a racial slur or did pics in "Sluts Magazine of the Year" but she did nothing wrong.

    Anywho, I think that's really about it. I gotta finish my government homework because I don't want to get into bed too late tonight. I had a bad experience with that earlier this week when I had to catch a cab to school. Never again. Anyways, oh and I talked to Billy yesterday! And we had "the talk" that I'm seeming to have once a month with someone new. I feel bad because him and I haven't had "the talk" and I've known him for 6 years. The longest ladies and gentlemen. Me best friend ever. He's just hard as a bitch to get ahold of. Seriously, I'm lucky if I can get in contact with him twice in 3 weeks. He ALWAYS has his phone off!! ARG! Oh! see that lunar eclipse last nite? That was so cool. Just the thought that people in a dozen other states were looking at the exact thing as me. It was weird to understand how truly big the sky is. One thing I love about the country is that at nite, the view is beautiful. You can see the stars and the moon. I can't wait til it snows here. It's gonna look so cool. ^_^ Weee. Let's see... the next things on my "I'm gonna buy list" - The O.C. Mix 1 & 2 (I'll get 3 sometime later more closer to Christmas since it IS a christmas album), and err... maybe Mario Tennis or something. I loved the one for N64. Heh heh. Anywho people, I think I'm finally out this time foreal. I wanna get to bed so I can cuddle and smell my nice clean tiger blanket (Washed it fabric softner yesterday. Smells kewl). Welp, I think I talked about everything (cept that I'm passin Physics with a 70.4!!! That's a C and it's awesome. Espically since I neglected to do a lab and a notebook. Now my next class and last class to pull up my grade in is Psychology. BUM BUM BUM. Maybe I can get Jay to help me.) Well, I'm goin foreal. Later.

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