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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2004-10-13 00:14:00
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    Current mood: happy

    The Past Two Days & My College Buddy...
    Wow, let's see. So much to tell. Um... sorta. Well, first of all, to clear things up, I work at Best Buy. That cool store with all the tech stuff and gadgets and such. Anyways, moving on, yeah I didn't get to really tell about my SAT experience since I was so rushed. The verbal was harder than the math. That's what everyone was saying. Some of the analogies were ridiculously difficult. I skipped a good few. So, I guess I won't know how I really did until next month right? Moving on, Sunday I was 5 minutes late for work. It wasn't really a commerable day. Well, it was odd cause this dude Jay (these names have been used to protect the innocent) that works in the department beside me seemed like such a whore. Jus because he was so mean. At least I think he was? Moving on, yeah on Sunday he was being really nice to me. I told him how I talked to this one girl that came into the store from school (who which I have never talked to... even though I ate lunch with her last year and she's in my class this year). It wasn't anything major. Just a hey and handed out a flyer. Anyways, I went and told him and he was like "hey yeah man. that's cool. u should bring her to one of my college parties. yeah you'd have fun" and stuff like that. Swears he was being serious but I went back to my department to hang with one of my crushes, Ashley. Yeah so anyways, Monday was my day off and I did not one thing. Homework that my teacher didn't collect today. Took a nap, watched Screen Savers, 7th Heaven, Everwood, and Battle of the Sexes 2 straight.

    Went to school today. Hated it once again. Fell asleep a bunch of times. Did my improvastion of a split personality crime lord (his other side being gay) by popular demand from my drama class. Everyone loved it. ^_^ (still hate that school though for reasons I will divulge into for another entry). Came home. Went to the bank and got me a checking account (woot woot). And now I have some monay! (First thing I buy will be "The Day After Tomorrow" tomorrow before I go to work). Then go to work (which I was late getting to because of going to the bank but thank GOD! the computer systems were down so I couldn't clock in.) Work a little. Talk to Jason who is once again being really nice to me. Asking how my day was and how I was doing and if anyone was picking on me at school and if so he'd get his frat buddies and scare the shit out of them (that's all they could do b/c they would go to jail if they beat them up). Of course, haha, that's great... back to work. Later, I tell one of the people who is talking to Jason how I was going on break (Break is a very good thing. You can go on break as a sluggish, tired, overworked, pissed at the world, I want to go home person and come back excited, refresh, like you just woke up. Seriously... espically since it was a boring day at work. Anyways, I was tellin everyone b/c I was over excited). And Jason was like if I held on for a sec, he was going to go on break too and I could tag along. Hell sure, why not? Not like I really had ANYONE else to hang out with on break. So we went over to McDonalds and got somethin to eat and talked and shat. (He even said I could stay @ his house the nite of my birthday and get drunk. And he was completely serious o.o) Anyways, back to work. My time came to get off and they weren't letting anyone out of the building because everything had to be put up (we got a truck in tonight). And of course I was already working more than the law allows and so I got my mommy to call (lol yeah I did) so they would let me out.

    Here I am now. Now for the "reflection" part. Um... I don't think I hate Parkside. I think I just hate school period. Due to the fact that I'm not a "social butterfly" therefore, its nothing but boringness and work. I mean I do pretty well grades wise, I just can't stand being there (Jay and I actually talked about that too... He said he'd help me in Psychology (my currently worse class) cause he's taken it two years in a row). Uh... to tell the truth, I'm somewhat intimidated knowing someone who's in college. It's bad enough I still watch cartoons and stuff. Now I don't really know how to act. I don't want to act like a little kid and chase away what could probably be the coolest thing I have. (The Ryan to my Seth. Only The O.C.'ers would get that. And I'm not talkin bout "I saw the first episode" or "I saw a few episodes". I'm talkin about "I've seen and interpreted every character conflict between the two and I have obtained a full and complete understanding about the actual relationship both Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen exhibit" type). But, I don't want to NOT be myself. Let me put it like this. I've been put in a similar position like this before and I didn't really handle it well. I don't want to make the same mistakes again... I dunno what to do. I'm once again confused. Anywho, got homework to finish. Hope you guys enjoy seeing me back! Bai.

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2004-10-13 00:39 (link)
I know that you don't know me, but I was looking at your journal for today and I just wanted to let you know that life after highschool gets better, and we all do poorly on our SAT's the first time, although the genius which are like less than one percent of the country seem to do okay. But not all of us are geniuses and most of us don't like school, but it is something we have to deal with. So you will make it, if you need to talk to someone who is out of it all, an unbiased ear you can always talk to me, that isn't much of an offer coming from some girl who probably lives less than twenty miles away, is a couple years older than you and you have no clue who she is. But it is indeed a genuine offer, my AIM name is amnd823 and I am usually around. I might be able to give you a viewpoint that you don't see much of, the party hard college student lost in her surroundings....

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2004-10-13 20:21 (link)
STOP WORKING!!! Everytime I call you, you're at bastard!!

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