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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2004-10-10 10:54:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:Switchfoot "This Is Your Life"

    My Two New Loves & A Visit...!
    I probably shouldnt be writing right now because I have to be to work at 11:15. But I figured I'd come back and put SOMETHIN in here. I mean, much hasn't really been goin on. And work has been kickin my butt. But uh, talkin to Ricky on a basically regular now. Yeah, he smokes weed and cigarettes. lol I laugh about it because I figured it. Do I care? Somewhat. Not really because who knows what will happen around my birthday. But then again, he's just hurting himself. ANYWAYS, onto important things. I can't wait til the O.C. It's gonna be great. I took the SAT yesterday for the first time. There were a lot of people there. I think I did okay. Not really great but that's why I'm takin it again in December. Anywho, moving on, yesterday was a awesome day at work. Besides the fact that I was bored and my feet were killing me. My two crushes were there. And when one went home, I hung around the other one. ^_^ I love that store... to an extent. They are what make me wanna go everday. :-D I think I'm in love. heh heh. Anywho, Chris came into the store yesterday! It was cool because I was ultra bored and there was finally someone I wanted to see. He's cool people. Basically one of my only cool friends (meaning one I like to hang out with) up here. I left my area and hung around the store with him. Zack and Jamie didn't come see me yesterday. Punks. Anyways, I believe that's it. Probably do a entry tonight? Gotta get finished gettin ready for work. Layda minna!

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2004-10-12 10:22 (link)
What store do you work at? I need a job myself! I was supposed to get a job at Mervyn's (a deparment store) but I dunno anymore. I have no experince. And I can't get a job unless I have experience, and I can't get experince unless I get a job. *sigh*. lol.
I was supposed to take the SATs my first time next month, but I have a choir competition. Guess that shows my priorities! Ima take it in December though. Was it hard??


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