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Steve (liltripod) wrote,
@ 2004-10-02 02:07:00
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    Current mood: tired

    My Long Tiresome Day...
    Can't keep you guys out the loop for too long. Although it will be a rather quick entry seeing as how I have to be to work at 9. Thursday, I didn't go to school. My mom suggested that I stayed home. So I slept in til 1030 and woke up and did absolutely nothing all day. Tried to switch the modems and the routers around but I didn't finish which almost made me late for work. Work was... well... work o.o Came home and I knew I had work to do and I basically played with the router and modem again. I got one thing done but I had around 4 or 5. I didn't get to bed til 1:30. Got up and went to school. Test in Pre-calculus. I was going really slow because I was tired and didnt finish but I went back 7th period and finished. I think I did well. In English I had a college essay rough draft due (which I did the night before) and some questions on the Anglo Saxon period due. Didn't get to those. (It was cool cause I told everyone I was having a bad day because I was tired and everything that I knew was going to come and Ryan and Adrienne both gave me hugs. I felt special). So I went on to Drama and we got this improvisation assignment to do where we have to make up a character and perform for three minutes by ourselves. I couldn't think of anyone (finally I came up with a rather feminine crime boss). Physics was going to be hell because I hadn't done my study guide (wasn't there on Thursday to get the answers) and it was due with our notebook today. Luckily, a friend gave me hers and I got most of mines done and the test.... was okay. I think I passed. Somewhat easy stuff. AP Government was probably the most dreaded class because I had a test in there which are super-uber ridiculously hard. The test..... I hope I passed. If I didn't it was by a small margin, I believe. Because I knew a lot of that stuff from taking US History last year. Moving on, I hadn't finished my AP Psychology work like I was supposed to and then got into the class and didn't do any (some but not enough). Last period was finishing my test and getting my work permit signed. My mom came and picked me up.

    So that's really it. I did go to work tonight. A week left til opening day. Woo! I've been hearing some not cool rumors though about how if you don't do small things then your fired. :-\ Not cool. Good news is that I only have 17 hours this coming week. So I can watch One Tree Hill and Smallville instead of recording them and falling behind. I take my SAT next Saturday though e.e First time... Can't wait. Uh, I've been wanting to call Ricky but I'm waiting until I hear from Ray. I'm getting him to find out if Ricky still hates me or not. I'm hoping he'll say no so I can call and talk to him about the concert and stuff. I dunno what's going to happen if he says yes. I might just do it anyway. But uh, I guess that's it. Can't think of nothin else to say. I talked to Billy today for a second. It was cool. But I'm goin to bed. I'm tired and I have to get up around 8 to go back to work. Oh Boy. Later.

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