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Lilli (lilsykogir) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 19:18:00
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    Wow it's been awhile since i've been online. Well a lot of drama has happened this whole summer. Starting with that dumass Mike. He didn't tell me everything about him and i found out everything after...yeah. That didn't mean anything to me...I regret it so much. And then i find out he molested his little brother. That is really sick. And then Angela trying to commit suicide and going out with a gay guy.Then poor Nak with Allen. Its so dramatic. And I haven't seen Jeffery since January and yeah... it's so complicated. I feel like a dirty hoe! SO dirty...gir

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2003-08-02 22:57 (link)
I love you Lilli! <3333333


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2003-08-08 18:31 (link)
I love you Lilli! <33 rofl i don't know youuuuuuu but hi! Lol your life is pretty interesting...well I thought I'd just leave a comment for ya and jus tsay hi even if i don't know ya. My summer's been pretty dramatic too...relationship wise, and that guy who molested his brother...rofllmfao. Well...seems you're pretty cookieee lol i don't know wtf im saying but HI!!!! lol well im brandon and um yeah...i just went thru random blurties and thought i'd post comments for no reason. but even if i dont know feel ya sistahhh, yeah ima go now but hey thought i'd just leave a dumb comment and say hi...bye now lol.

-brandon, blurty name : deathbringer

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