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JeSsIcA (lilsweetie48) wrote,
@ 2004-05-29 23:32:00
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    Current mood: irritated

    wow....seriously im not in the mood to fuck around so dont fuck with me tonite....well heres sum convos.....

    me and christina
    CRAE [9:45 PM]: :'(
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:45 PM]: hehe whats wrong?
    CRAE [9:45 PM]: I want to get out and no one wants to do anything or they have no ride
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: aww
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: what about amanda?
    CRAE [9:46 PM]: shes hanging out with her cousin
    CHEErGURL5163 [9:46 PM]: oo
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:47 PM]: its funny how u say u dont like her but yet hang out with her
    CRAE [9:47 PM]: i never said i didn't like her
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:47 PM]: yeah u did
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: bc i member u told me u were only puttin up a front
    CRAE [9:48 PM]: no I said i might as well b/c shes the one that doesn't liek me
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: omg ur lying
    CRAE[9:48 PM]: no I'm not
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:48 PM]: yeah whatever
    CRAE [9:49 PM]: what the fuck
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:50 PM]: what?
    CRAE [9:50 PM]: your getting all strange on me
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: how?
    CRAE [9:51 PM]: your sitting there yellign at me over nothing
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: lol how am i yelling?
    CRAE [9:51 PM]: you know
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:51 PM]: all i asked u was why do u hang out with her if u tell me u dont like her?
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:52 PM]: no i dont know how im yelling at you
    CRAE [9:52 PM]: i said i don't always like her
    CRAE [9:52 PM]: i hang out with everyones
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:52 PM]: bc i member we were at the baseball field talkin and we sum how got onto her name and u said u dont like her and ur puttin up a front
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:53 PM]: and i was like oo
    CRAE [9:53 PM]: but why does any of this matter between us
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:53 PM]: bc if u talk shit about her behind her back then it makes me think if u do it to me
    CRAE [9:54 PM]: I hardly hang out with her...
    CRAE [9:54 PM]: she does it to me so i do it to her...
    CHEERGURL5163 [9:55 PM]: so then why r u her friend?
    CRAE [9:55 PM]: im not really
    ..................later on................
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:40 PM]: well i dont feel like hearin u
    CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: hearin?
    noone is talking
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:41 PM]: ur talkin
    CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: no im typing
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:41 PM]: same thing smartass
    CRAEQ [11:41 PM]: notat ala
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: well then stop typing
    CRAEQ [11:42 PM]: why?
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: bc
    CRAEQ [11:42 PM]: why?
    CHEERGURL5163 [11:42 PM]: talk to sumone else

    ok so im not usually this bitchy bc im always nice to her well im tired of bein nice when shes gonna be a bitch....

    ok sum more.............

    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: u fuck a guy named chris aderly?
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11 is away at 11:01:07 PM.
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: ?
    Auto response from PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: Around...leave it
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: hold up
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: chris aderly?
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11 returned at 11:13:14 PM.
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: ya
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: i dont even know a chris aderly
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: why?
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: he said he fucked u
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: chris sumthin
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: dunno if its aderly
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: did u talk to him?
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: no
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: scott did
    PriMeTiMeBaLLa11: ask him

    ~~~~ok so im askin scott~~~
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: wtf
    Auto response from Ouch ISkate: vice city on xbox yesssssssssss
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: why r u tellin dan sum shit about me fukin sum guy
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: u need to get ur fukin shit str8 before u start lyin on me asshole
    OoSXyxBtCh48oO: but whatever keep lyin on me

    ok palm bay people since u cant get ur shit str8 and u gotta keep bringin this shit up.....this is the story.....mike told me austin was cheatin on me with sum chic so then scott talked to him and mike said he went to my house and fuked me...which he dont fukin know where i stay at let alone know my number..hes sayin that shit to make me look bad in front of everyone so that austin will believe him and not love me anymore.....which is fuked up bc im so fukin tired of people and their shit.....get a fukin life or grow up! damn how hard is that.

    so yeah i woke up around 1 and then the day went by fast....i didnt wanna do anything,i dunno why.....christina and nicole wanted to hang out but i was to tired i guess but josh came over around 930 and stayed till al lil after 11...hehe i told him to go home....

    .......i miss austin......alot...

    christinas still tryin to talk to

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