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JeSsIcA (lilsweetie48) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 22:24:00
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    Current mood: crappy

    just lettin ya know i hate Daniel Hunt with the biggest passion....haha nah really i do hate him i wish he would drop dead

    well about me sayin i was over austin.....umm i lied :-/ i thought i was seriously but i guess i was wrong.....he asked me out last nite but i said no :( i feel so bad i usually say yes but ahh idk lol u know they say true love lasts forever...i think there rite bc i love him and he loves me more than ever....and i mean with all the shit we been through we should hate each other i swear but i guess not hmm.....damn i went to sign on aol and it worked so i signed on aim and it worked so then later on around 5 and it says my s/n has been blocked so i try my other ones and they dont work!! AHHH so then i tried austins and it worked fine so im stuck with XAuStiNsSwTGuRlX its ok but i dont member anyones s/n so i only got like 30 people on it lmao and its all his fault.....happy face boobies lmao! ah its ok ah not really bc we mite quit aol and i need to talk to austin lol well i dont but i want to talked to bam and josh today....bam called and my show was fixin to come on and so we watched it together lmao hes hooked on that show.....but yeah i miss my old s/n blah talked to shauna too online :-/ she thinks shes so great bc shes gotta bf and he moved in with her...OOOO wow thats nuthin they only been goin out for less than 2 months too but hey idk so the guy on one tree hill is so cute....well im gonna write tired and hungry blah im pregnant what can i say:P LATERZ

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