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JeSsIcA (lilsweetie48) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 22:58:00
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    Current mood: blah

    woke up at 1 watched tv.......i finally watched passions omg i havent seen it since like december soooo i was lost when i was watchin it.....sux bc i used to watch it everyday....well found out i have to do this gay book report...but austin gave me this site to go on to help me i guess lol so i copied everything on it and it took me 1 1/2 pgs and my mom asked why am i online to do my book report when i have the book rite here lol shes sooo dum i just said its easier to do it online...thnx sweetie muahhh! then umm talked to austin and bam called me and of course im still mad at him and he hates one of his "good" friends to be mad at him but he said sumthin i didnt like sooo he wanted to come over but i told him no i felt bad kinda bc im not used to sayin no well then i watched this movie with my brother and it got done with around 930 so i went online to see if austin was on and nope he wasnt soooo i talked to josh for a lil then he said he was watchin tv and i was like ooo then i remembered one tree hill was on and i was like DAMNIT >< bc i love that show now sooo i watched the last couple minutes of it......:( blah so now im talkin to josh and idk what else to write......grrr im soo mad bc i missed it:( but itll be on sunday :) yay well ill wb l8er

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