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JeSsIcA (lilsweetie48) wrote,
@ 2004-04-21 22:23:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:dashboard....
    well lets see i really havent updated in a while.... well i mean i have but it was them survey type things i guess.....
    ok guess who called me outta the blue is she callin me for?i mean come on this girl who i call my "bestfriend" hasnt called since freakin forever long ago well about a month now i havent talked to her.....we used to all the time and she claims she misses me but anyways like i was sayin she called me and was tellin me how shes returning her prom dress bc it was see through....ok guess what color her dress is? PINK! GRR ok that pisses me off rite there bc she says she dont like that color and plus PINK! is my favorite color....u mite not understand why im mad but austin knows why.....then we talk about he and bruce so basically all i here is blah blah blah imma hoe blah blah!! anywho then she askes "i gotta question...i was wondering if i can borrow ur homecoming shoes(there like 4 inch heels and glass lookin) well i go idk where they are.....still how are u gonna call me and ask me for sumthin when u dont fukin bother to call me and just say not gonna call u bc theres no point all u talk about is bruce and babe he aint all that ....but if u wanna talk to me then call me and talk about sumthin where i dont feel like bangin my friggin head against the damn wall then go for it i just mite call u back but until then no......we used to talk about everything now its just so pointless on the things u talk about....

    ok and u know what else pisses me off?? guys.....they are just so fukin horny....let me tell u i was talkin to my "guy" friend and hes like "yeah skools ok but damn are u one of the sexiest white girls i know...oo with a splash of french"---yeah im french and damn proud---but hes like im gonna hit that 1 like oo no ur not maybe in ur dreams but i aint fucking no other guys besides austin im sorry...i just dont believe in the whole"if u go out with then have sex"with im the person who i have to love them a WHOLE FUKIN LOT! to do that.....but still guys are les chiennes d'ane de horny....oo pardon my those who dont know what i just said its guys r horny ass bitches.....and then i talk to like 2 more guy friends and there sayin the same thing......i tried havin girl friends but they either say im hot or grab my ass and hmmm thats just a no so that may answer why i have so many guy guys r easier to talk to bc girls just either lie on u or sum other crap......gosh i hate girls yeah i have "girl" friends but they r just idk whats the word for them......

    its sooo great havin a jew bait journal i mean i can just write about anything and get stuff off my chest but idk ooo i think i gotta go pick up papers for college my gay fuck mom said shell pay the money for it soooo i guess tomorrow i gotta go....and also guess what! im goin back to cocoa high! ahhhh watch out i just gotta make up a shit load of classes....well not that much just like 3 and im gettin red streaks in my gettin my friend to do it or my aunt.....i was thinkin bout dyin it black and gettin the red streaks but im not sure im such a loser...but hey i want a im gettin a whole new style as far as well i mean ill still wear the preppy type look but then i wanna start shoppin in hot topic....yeah crazy but i think ill have my own sexy look and i really dont care what people would say bc im me and if u dont like it then dont look bc im still the same jessica its just i want a change.....but yeah thats all i think i wanna did i just say that? nah i must be messed up on sumthin .....well im outtie and ill w/b in l8er.....

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2004-04-22 00:21 (link)
dont worry about shauna.....guys do suck....and you would look so hot with red streaks in your hair and i love your attitued about what people think about you your georgous no matter what!

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Re: Austin
2004-04-22 01:31 (link)
thnx guys.....and austin its shows not shoes lmao.......

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